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Joe Polito – A Man Of Many Talents

A Look at Joe Polito

Legendary tribute performer, actor and producer, Joe Polito, has been entertaining audiences for decades.  Polito may be seen in and around some of Philadelphia’s and Atlantic City’s best clubs and theaters and has amassed a large following of fans in the process.  Polito’s fans have truly catapulted Polito’s success with their rave reviews and recommendations to others.

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Polito is a consummate performer known for his many talents and incredible showmanship.  Fans adore Polito’s tribute act where he brings the music of their favorite performers to life including, Neil Diamond, Reba McEntire and more.  Polito’s performances are riveting renditions that are known for their incredible entertainment value.

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Unlike most tribute performers who have perfected the impersonation of one artist; Polito has the amazing ability to take on a vast array of personalities for his performances.  Fans love watching Polito act out the classic renditions and songs of Martin & Lewis, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Louie Prima and Keely Smith; Joe Polito & Co. pride themselves on their ability to re-create it all.

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As if that were not enough, Polito is also known for his amazing Tom Jones and Englebert Humperdink show.  This amazing show combines romance and high energy, making it the perfect choice for date nights, anniversaries or group outings.   Always a crowd pleaser, many happy couples have enjoyed memorable nights out listening to the romantic tunes of Englebert Humperdink and Tom Jones.

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When he is not wearing the performer hat himself, Joe Polito is proud to represent other fine artists throughout the area.  Born and raised in Philadelphia, Polito’s local roots have allowed have attracted many clients who come to him to receive their first big break.  From the legendary Billy Carlucci of Billy & The Essentials fame to countless other vocalists and groups, Polito has provided first-class representation and watched with pride as these performers have gone on to fame and success.

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Polito loves to stay busy but never neglects leaving a true impression on his fans through his memorable performances and personable demeanor.  Polito’s busy schedule is filled up with various performing gigs including weddings and special events and pursuing his passion, raising money for deserving organizations or hosting corporate events for companies regionally.  Polito also enjoys hosting and performing at the many outdoor festivals that make the Philadelphia region such a wonderful place to live.  Polito is one of the community’s favorite holiday performers and may be found in and around the seasonal festivities lending his talent to holiday parties and various events.  His calendar may be full, but Joe Polito shows no signs of slowing down or resting on his laurels.

To learn more and get #hooked on Joe Polito visit his website. You may follow the performer on Facebook.

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