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Now is the time to get in the News with Press Releases & Press Kits

  1. Why is a press release important when planning an event, announcing a new website, opening a new non-profit, or welcoming a new client/alliance?

The creation and distribution of a press release is an effective and inexpensive way to assimilate information to a large audience.  Hooked on Everything™ distributes their releases to a wide database of national and international media clients including:

  • Thousands of printed media sources including newspapers and journals.
  • Tens of thousands AM/FM radio stations across the USA
  • Across the globe to English-speaking countries
  • On the web through our social media portals of Google+, Facebook pages, groups, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, with your article that we write and publish, etc.
  • Print, online and radio is what attracts new eyes to your article, to your website and to your youtube video.  Now, you can have it all!  Give us a call.

In addition to having 500+ word articles written about them, which receive mass exposure, clients of Hooked on Everything™ enjoy the benefit of getting their upcoming events or products in the news through our Press Releases which are available in most packages.  Also, exposure, exposure, exposure through many social media platforms is what drives up your rankings on Google.  Our SEO services are extremely affordable and effective.  Call us to find out what we could be doing for your brand.

The team at Hooked on Everything™ is equipped to create press materials, advertisements, and marketing materials.  The following is a sampling of press releases and press kits created for Hooked on’s valued clients:

Donnah Lisa Campbell:  PR Buzz 1st Release

CC Miles: CC Miles Press Release CC Miles Article  PR Buzz Release January, 2017

Kenny Jeremiah:  Kenny Jeremiah Press Release  Kenny Jeremiah Article

Maria Torres:  Maria Torres Press Kit Maria Torres Press Release Maria Torres Article

Rainere Martin:  Rainere Martin Press Kit  Rainere Martin Article

George Foxx:  George Foxx Press Release  George Foxx Article

Hermes Expo: Hermes Expo International Press Release

Lou Johnson: Lou Johnson Press Release  Lou’s website

Hooked on Websites: Hooked on Websites Press Release

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