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“A Great Big Shout Out  Of ‘THANKS’ Goes To Shannon & The Good Folks At ‘HOOKED ON ENTERTAINMENT’  The Website Has Given My Profile A Boost Tenfold… ‘HOOKED ON ENTERTAINMENT’ Has Become A Tremendous Marketing Tool For Any Entertainer Local Or National Alike Looking To Up The Anti  And Get Noticed By The Entertainment Powers That Be. That’s My Story And I’m Stickin’ To It.”
Kenny Jeremiah (Original Founding Member Of The Soul Survivors)


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“The Hooked on Entertainment program is a fun and informative way to market myself and my impersonating acts. I love to hear how it is growing in popularity after just one year, how easy it is to tell potential clients about ‘hookedonholly.com’.” –Holly Faris 




11270513_10153336947418832_6230838669923910512_o-200x300 Testimonials“The folks at Hooked on Entertainment do a fantastic job of promoting my comedy shows.  On my second year being at the Borgata, they started publicizing it on social media and the turnout on a Black Friday was huge!  This VIP program absolutely works. I forward lists of my upcoming shows to Hooked on Entertainment, and they immediately add them to their Events Calendar and the advertorial they published for me, and then continue to promote my shows on social media. Finally, a company that understands the critical importance of timing when it comes to promoting shows and events.” –Mike Marino

11056066_1098786400151569_2719245985584613647_n1-200x300 Testimonials“Hooked on Entertainment’s concept of positive and valuable marketing through their beautiful and informative website is revolutionary and powerful. I am working harder than ever to launch into the next great level of my career in music, and preparing for my debut performance in a new Broadway musical. Hooked on Entertainment’s ability to publicize me and promote my upcoming shows and events through their website as well as through social media posting and press releases has definitely increased awareness as well as attendance at my shows.” –Rainere Martin

maria-torres-210x300 Testimonials“The professionals at Hooked on Entertainment have proven to be a valuable professional asset to my work and the MTEAF Foundation. They are knowledgeable and efficient, carry out extensive research, and produce highly interesting and accurate articles. Hooked on Entertainment also posts and promotes my events on Facebook and Twitter, which strengthens my presence throughout social media. They are also flexible with editing requests and really attempt to produce uplifting content.” – Maria Torres-O’Connor

gregmartiello Testimonials“Hooked on Entertainment is an exceptional website for keeping abreast of local entertainers, shows, and concerts. Your Events Calendar is great for finding out where and when local musicians are performing. The upbeat articles on restaurants, casinos, entertainers and the area’s music scene in general makes Hooked on Everything a very valuable website for anyone who lives in or visits the mid-Atlantic seaboard.” – Greg Martiello


From Our Site Visitors

“I thought that the website “Hookedoneverything.com” was really interesting. It acts as a hub for a lot of different articles. If someone is interested in a specific topic, then they can find a page on this website solely dedicated to that. You can find almost anything on this website. You can also be as broad or as specific as you want in regards to the topics. I can just browse in Hooked on Entertainment and get a diverse range of topics, or I could be more specific and go to Hooked on Comedy or even Hooked on Magicians! I never knew that I would have needed that before I saw it. Overall I think that this website could catch on if it found the right audience. It definitely has potential.” – Michael Colantuoni 


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“What the Hooked on Everything website has done well is put the categories on the right side which provides more ways of knowing what is on the website rather than just trying to cram everything on the home page. The “hook”image left me with a great impression.” – T. Barnes

”I like Hooked on Everything! I can use their information conveniently and the name is easy to remember. When it comes to travel – I’m going to NYC so I could read about airlines and hotels before booking them. I also found things to do like shows or adventures, and liked reading the comments about other people’s experiences.” – D. Adams

“The idea of ‘hooked’ is really nice! If someone is hooked on a certain type of lifestyle like entertainment or traveling, they could go directly on the site and see a mass number of articles to tickle their fancy.” – A. Kaylin

“I enjoy the layout of the website. While it is a little overwhelming at first, they do organize it pretty well. I love the consistency of the phrase “hooked on” – it’s creative. They seem to cover a lot of stuff, from Oprah Winfrey to Pennsylvania state parks. I think the most important aspect is the bottom with links to share the website on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.” – B. Carlson

“Hooked on Everything does a great job giving information to people about other people and lots of subjects.” – C. Pagano

“This site reminds me of a combination of blogs, specifically WordPress blogs. Since each hookedon category has articles with hyperlinks, comment fields, and hashtags with interesting subjects. It’s cool!” – K. Tully

“Hooked On Everything” is a one-stop shop. It gave me instant answers and also has Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram pages, so it’s all over the internet! And I was able to subscribe to the site’s RSS feed! This is a win-win for people who want to promote themselves or their company, and its great for audiences who are interested in its variety of subjects.” – M. Bradshaw

“This site has the potential to become a creative and credible database of stories and information.” – V. F.

“HOE is huge! The way everything is done on this website is worth praise. There are great articles about everything from traveling to education to entertainment and more. I think it will completely overtake a very important and influential audience. I read the traveling section and it tries to convince me to travel the world because that is how you become enlightened. Many people just travel and learn absolutely nothing.” – N. Julius

“All it took for me to get hooked was to search the entertainment section. There is a great page to check out, with new ideas on where to go and what to see. The articles on the website are also posted across social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Credit goes to them for their thoughtful, in-depth treatment of a website that, until today, I was unaware of. I am sure everyone will benefit from HOE and I will recommend to my friends. It’s amazing the way they pulled it off!” – C. Barnett

“This is is a fun website. I like it and it definitely caught my eye and attention. The texture is great and if the objective is to convince viewers to check out this website and see what it has to offer, I would give it a very high rating.” – M. Rogers

“I love the Hooked on Everything logo. I also like the various social media buttons on the right side of the page because it allows more ways and places to know the organization than just by the website.” – M. Martin