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HOPE Worldwide

We live in a world that is plagued by poverty, disease, and natural disasters.  Many countries lack the resources to provide for the needs of their population when disaster strikes, whether it be in the form of disease, earthquake, or weather related events.  HOPE worldwide is a Christian charitable organization founded for the purpose of providing help when and where it is needed.

84-300x200 HOPE worldwide - Changing Lives Every DayWhat HOPE worldwide Does

For nearly a quarter of a century, HOPE worldwide has provided comfort for the hungry, sick, and poor all over the world serving over 1.5 million adults and children.  By fostering a love for volunteerism, HOPE worldwide has been able to mobilize and respond quickly when a disaster occurs.  When disaster strikes, whether in a far distant location in the world or right at home in the United States, HOPE worldwide will be there to aid local organizations with the distribution of food and water, communications, the initial clean-up program and to provide support programs for children that include safe play havens.

75-300x200 HOPE worldwide - Changing Lives Every DayMedical Clinics

Cambodia, Bolivia, and other impoverished countries are home to the poorest people in the world.  Poverty and disease go hand-in-hand, and many of these poor suffer from medical conditions that are devastating when no medical treatment is available.  Respiratory infections, diarrhea, and diabetes can be successfully treated, but the poor have no money to obtain healthcare in a clinic or hospital.  Many diseases, including whooping cough, tuberculosis, dengue fever, and HIV/AIDS thrive in areas where extreme poverty is prevalent.  Medical facilities and clinics have been established by HOPE worldwide to provide high quality and compassionate medical care for the poor, who would otherwise be left untreated.

48-300x200 HOPE worldwide - Changing Lives Every DayHOPE worldwide hospitals and clinics are currently located in Cambodia and Bolivia and expansion plans include Asia, Latin American, and African countries.  HOPE worldwide has developed a unique sustainability model, which works on a simple principle, “plant a medical outreach, and reap an enduring harvest of life-sustaining care.”  It’s important that new healthcare workers are regularly trained with the skills needed to provide medical care on a permanent basis to impoverished populations.  The “miracle math” used to sustain medical services for everyone is achieved by providing high-quality health services to those who have financial means to pay for them and using the profit toward those who are unable to pay.

112-300x200 HOPE worldwide - Changing Lives Every DayReducing The Risk Associated With Disasters

Climate and non-climate related disasters are on the increase.  Each year there are floods, earthquakes, famines, and man-caused conflicts affecting hundreds of millions of people.  Humanitarian disasters are increasing at an alarming rate.  The areas of the world where these catastrophes are occurring most often are economically underdeveloped and have few resources for rapid response.

logo-300x300 HOPE worldwide - Changing Lives Every DayHOPE worldwide is developing strategies and building partnerships with the goal of providing resources to train and educate neighborhoods, families, and individuals to understand disasters and the dangers they pose in order to reduce risks.

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If you have ever considered volunteering with a service-based charity, look into what HOPE worldwide needs.  Together we can help millions around the world.

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