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Sponsor Seniors – Change Lives

Sponsor Seniors, Inc.

Sponsor Seniors™, Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that exists to raise awareness of the plight of struggling and poverty-stricken senior citizens and to provide them the care and resources needed so they can live the rest of their lives comfortably and respectfully.  Sponsor Seniors’ website was actually started with a grant of $1000 from a HOPE worldwide grant provided through a subsidiary made possible by The Greater Philadelphia Church of Christ and its members.

Depositphotos_19545883_xl-300x200 Sponsor Seniors - Change LivesSponsor Seniors’ website explains the mission of the organization as two-fold, “to provide a compilation of information that is needed to service senior citizens with their most pressing needs,” and “to provide a portal for senior citizens and their community to submit bequests for help and financial aid.” The site is user friendly with an option to submit a story at the very top of the navigation page.  Seniors may use this feature to tell donors about their situation and make a specific request, whether it be for a monthly financial donation or a request for resources.

senior_exercising-300x233 Sponsor Seniors - Change LivesHealthcare is very expensive in this country and out-of-pocket deductibles and co-payments are continuing to rise.  A number of health concerns arise as people age, increasing the need for doctor visits.  Senior citizens may find themselves in the doctor’s office very frequently for reasons such as blood pressure regulation, joint replacement consultations and surgeries, regular cardiovascular screenings, or even pain management for conditions such as arthritis.  Going to the doctor frequently with limited financial resources imposes a huge hardship to the elderly.
logo1-300x300 Sponsor Seniors - Change LivesThe mission of Sponsor Seniors is to alleviate burdens of senior citizens with limited resources providing them aid in the form of “drug and pharmaceutical information, health information transportation information, housing information, financial and retirement information, etc.” Sponsor Seniors believe that senior citizens should be shown respect and dignity, pointing out that as children we are always told to respect our elders.

shutterstock_73623640-300x211 Sponsor Seniors - Change LivesSponsor Seniors organization raises awareness of the fact that there are senior citizens struggling not only financially, but some are in need physically and emotionally; needing companionship.  Donors to the organization can expect the majority of their donation to go toward prescription costs and out-of-pocket expenses for a struggling senior citizen.  The relief provided by Sponsor Seniors can alleviate financial burdens and by doing so, improve quality of life.

SeniorCare-300x200 Sponsor Seniors - Change LivesThere are many resources available today for senior citizens which is encouraging and hopeful.  Sponsor Seniors’ site lists links for additional resources that include, American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) a nonprofit social welfare agency which advocates for the needs of the elderly; Access America For Seniors, providing those in need with a list of resources provided by federal government agencies; and Aging Solutions, providing a wealth of information in the form of articles, checklists, etc..

Senior-Citizens-300x225 Sponsor Seniors - Change LivesDonors may read a number of stories on the website submitted by elderly people with various needs. For example, one entrant, named Mary, describes suffering with multiple medical issues including, diabetes, seizures and a stroke.  Mary is in need of $20 per month to cover out-of-pocket prescription expenses.  Donors can choose to donate directly to Sponsor Seniors, for the benefit of Mary and may even donate to multiple people if their finances allow.   After Sponsor Seniors receives the donation or donor regular contribution for Mary, Sponsor Seniors will then pay the pharmacy that Mary uses for Mary’s pharmaceutical co-pay balance.   Join others in this humane effort to improve the lives of the elderly.  View more stories and consider sponsoring a senior citizen who is in great need.

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