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Tank and Libby’s Restaurant: American Classic Cuisine with a Twist

Tank and Libby's Restaurant

Tank and Libby’s restaurant is a small, intimate and thoughtful restaurant located in Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania that serves like family and welcomes like home.  A place to celebrate achievements or simply get together with family or friends to enjoy a weekend in the presence of a friendly staff and extraordinary food.  A quiet place to share a meal almost as if its home but with added flavors and an absolutely unique taste.

The restaurant was started by two friends who had a passion for food and wanted to celebrate it.  Both the friends Alex and Joe named it after their nicknames and blended in the flavor of their unique bond.  Being individuals who were trained as chefs, they both valued the importance of good taste and a clean environment more than fancy presentations and unnecessary fuss.  The taste and ambience reflects the passion that they carried in their personalities.

Tank and Libby’s restaurant has a unique design that reflects the calmness of an ocean and uses different elements to add in the touch of water.  The walls are adorned with memories of two friends that make you a part of themselves at help you feel at home.  The theme of the space is inspired by that of the ocean to exemplify and emphasis the importance that these water bodies have.  The design of the place has been done while keeping in mind the importance of sustainability in the built environment and making an attempt to reduce the carbon footprint, symbolizing the place as a mission statement in itself.  The restaurant also continues to play its role by donating a percentage of its profit to organizations working for the ocean cause.

Tank and Libby’s offers the American classic cuisine with a twist of flavor, presentation and sometimes an added ingredient that makes the whole meal a unique experience.  The restaurant focuses on the idea of freshly made, clean food that might not look fancy but will definitely leave a mark in terms of quality and flavor.  From breakfast sandwiches to complete family lunch, this space makes it an experience for all.

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In the woke of the current situation with regards to the COVID- 19 the restaurant has played an important part by standing along with nurses and doctors by providing them healthy meals on the front line.  They have worked tirelessly to make sure that the ones working for the sick, stay in the best of their health to play their roles.

The restaurant has also started their outdoor sitting to offer people with a clean environment to enjoy a meal with their family by keeping in view that all the precautionary measures are taken carefully.  From sanitizing their kitchenware, to providing a disposable menu to each customer, they keep in check the hygiene of the place in these testing times.

The most important part being the booking of a limited tables can be done before time to avoid any kind of crowd within the restaurant and being guided by the staff upon arrival.  Tank and Libby’s restaurant makes sure that the meal is worth the time and effort of everyone involved. You can visit their website here: www.TankandLibbys.com

Voted BEST Of Drexel Hill. Great Family place where the WHOLE FAMILY actually works here. Tank & Libby’s #breakfastwithBob kids everywhere on #takeyourkidstoworkday! Tank and Libby's

Posted by Bob Kelly FOX 29 on Thursday, 25 April 2019