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The Laughing Fox Tavern: Family Style Bar & Restaurant

The Laughing Fox Tavern

The Laughing Fox Tavern, a family restaurant located in Magnolia, New Jersey has all the ingredients to have a memorable and celebratory time with your family and friends.  You can sit around and talk about achievements and milestones. You can celebrate people over food that’s not only delicious but also hygienic.  From private parties to a drink with a friend this place caters to all kinds of occasions.  Bringing together special people and good food is what makes a good weekend and that’s exactly what they aim at!

The ambience of a place truly does have an impact on the food and most definitely makes an impression of a certain occasion in the memory of all those involved.  The laughing fox tavern, understands the importance that space has and ensures that the customers remember the time spent there too, therefore, the place has been designed with utmost care adding in a touch of warmth with the use of bricks on the exterior and a brick oven in the interior of the place, to make it feel like home.  Bringing in a little excitement by adding a special rotating beer bar and an exclusive wine bar too.

Not only do they make sure that plates are full of delicious food but also add in a little entertainment to fill the space with live music and comedy performances.  This added art show not only provides a chance to the artists to showcase their talent but also bring smiles to people on the tables.  Be it an awkward first meeting or a hangout with the buddies, the place has a filler for a little quiet that might dull the fun.  In short, the restaurant offers a meal that’s not only good in flavor but also amazing in content.

The restaurant offers the most amazing pizzas and burgers, not to forget the wings that are not only too hot to handle but also to eat countless.  The fast food that you might get off the table from any common takeout most definitely lack the right kind of care and ingredients that make it classy and absolutely out of the box.  Making sure that the food is clean and fresh is a priority that makes them one of the best places to eat at.

The Laughing Fox Tavern has played its role in the ongoing pandemic crisis by standing with the people on the front line, be it health care workers or people that might need a little help during these testing times to put food on their table.  The restaurant has donated a large amount of pizzas and other specialties to all these people and provided them with the support that will help them go on and play their role in serving the ill.

The restaurant brings the right amount of ambience, taste and hospitality to add in to a day well spent or a weekend well shared with the loved ones.