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Ski Diving in Dubai – Taking Skydiving and Skiing to New Heights

Skydiving in Dubai – The Ultimate in Adventure Travel

The Dubai in the United Arab Emirates is one of the most unique and fascinating places on the planet, and skydiving is one of the most thrilling sports that has recently hit the public consciousness. The combination of opulence in travel and exciting sport makes skydiving in Dubai the ultimate in luxurious adventure travel.  Whether you are new to skydiving or an experienced veteran, Dubai is a perfect destination to enjoy your next free-falling adventure.

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Sky dive – Dubai

The city of Dubai features some of the world’s most modern architecture and accommodations.  Virtually everywhere you turn, the city features extravagant accommodations with 5-star amenities.  Alongside Dubai’s invitation to extreme luxury, the city provides access to some of the best adventure travels in the world. From heli-skiing and snowboarding to paragliding and skydiving, adrenaline junkies can luxuriate in a multitude of adventurous sports. 

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Ski diving On Plam Jumeriah

Heli-skiing combines the excitement and thrill of sky diving with the fun and exhilaration of skiing or snowboarding.  When you embark on a heli-ski adventure in Dubai, you’re guaranteed a thrilling and scenic ride over the stunning snow-capped mountains and the rugged terrain which makes this Middle Eastern paradise such a magnet for thrill-seeking travelers.  Although the aerial adventure is singularly exhilarating, it is just a warm-up for the true adventure traveler.  The real fun begins when that Dubai helicopter drops you, in your skis, over the rugged, snow-capped mountains.   

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Cut loose from your earthly bonds – you are now free to enjoy the magnificence of nature at its most rugged and beautiful level. Sailing first through the air, and then skiing down the steep mountainside, this adventure demands that you focus on your skills and the quality of your equipment to see you through.  It is no wonder that heli-skiing has quickly become one of the most popular extreme sports for thrill-seeking enthusiasts.
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Highly experienced skiers and snowboarders were among the first to embrace heli-skiing, and it is easy to see the connection. Many of the most avid held-skiers (also referred to as ski divers) in Dubai have previously enjoyed the area’s ski slopes and mountain peaks, as well as popular ski resorts and destinations throughout the world.  Known for its arid, desert climate, non-locals do not realize that Dubai is actually a popular ski destination.  Yet savvy adventurists have been visiting Dubai for years to enjoy snow sports and the alluring draw of its mountains.   

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Ski dive Lessons

Other ski diving enthusiasts got their start as skydivers, which happens to be another highly popular sport in Dubai. Ski diving offers excitement and thrills which rival those of sky diving, but ski diving culminates with a snowy downhill adventure.  Instead of packing your parachute and walking away, ski divers land on their skis, the traverse down the mountain, feeling the adrenaline pumping through their body at every twist and turn.

If you are an avid adventure traveler searching for your next ultimate outdoor experience, heli-skiing/ski-diving in Dubai should soar to the top of your list. This thrilling combination of sky diving, skiing and the nonstop adrenaline rush is a perfect way to spend your next adventure holiday.  Extreme sports enthusiasts who’ve ventured into Dubai heli-skiing mecca return again and again to experience the new challenges the mountains have forged.

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  • Ski diving, along with river rafting, is something I always wanted to check out. Doing it in Dubai? That has to be the icing on the cake, definitely.

  • As if Dubai wasn`t such an incredible country. Ski Diving there? Sign me up please! I have been skiing and I have been sky diving once before… Ski diving — Wow!