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Tented Camp In Thailand

Enjoy the Adventure of a Lifetime at the Tented Camp In Thailand 

Thailand is one of the top destinations in the world for adventure travel, and nowhere is adventure more on display than in one of its famous tented camps.  When you stay at a tented camp, you get the best of both worlds – luxurious accommodations with all the modern amenities you want, combined with outdoor adventure that will put you close to the wild and let you enjoy the beauty of nature. 

tent-bedroom-300x169 Tented Camp In Thailand

Tent Bedroom View

If you have never enjoyed a night at a tented camp, you might think the accommodations will be sparse and you will be roughing it.  That is definitely not the case.  A tented camp in Thailand is all about luxury and adventure – about as far from rough camping as you can get.  Instead of sleeping on an uncomfortable inflatable mattress, you will be sleeping in comfort and style on a state-of-the-art mattress. Instead of cooking over the campfire, you will be dining on the finest cuisine Thailand has to offer.   

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Tented camp provides all kind of luxuries

At the same time, a tented camp brings you close to nature in a way that no hotel can match.  If you love the great outdoors and want to experience the real Thailand, booking your accommodations in a tented camp is the way to go.  The tents will allow you to experience all the natural beauty Thailand is known for.  


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The beautiful views and watch birds and animals while camping

You will hear the wildlife through the tent wall and be immersed in the beauty of nature like never before.  Instead of merely watching the exotic animals and birds from your hotel window, you will be down on ground level with them.  Instead of driving through the wilderness, you and your guide can enjoy a leisurely stroll through the jungle on the back of an elephant.   


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The camps in forests

Many of the best and most well known tented camps in Thailand are located in the lush tropical rainforest.  These tented camps are famous for their stunning vistas, warm tropical climate and abundant wildlife. 



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Four Seasons Tented Camps provides Thai cuisine while your visit

When you stay at a tented camp on your visit to Thailand, you can start each day with a luxurious breakfast featuring local favorites and the best Thai cuisine, then end each night with a relaxing sleep on a thick soft mattress.   

Thailand-086-300x200 Tented Camp In Thailand

Elephant rides through range forests

In between, you can enjoy a wide range of adventures that only Thailand can provide.  From riding an elephant through the rainforest and down the jungle trails to climbing high into the canopy of trees, adventure awaits you at every turn.  The staff at the tented camp are experts in everything that Thailand has to offer, and they can help you design an adventure that fits your individual taste, desires and fitness level.  Whether you are a dedicated adventure traveler looking for the most strenuous trails and biggest thrills or a holiday maker looking for a relaxing vacation, you can find it all in the famous tented camps of Thailand.


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