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A Marine Adventure at Jellyfish Lake

The Many Wonders of Jellyfish Lake

If you want to experience the beauty – and the danger – of nature up close and personal, a trip to Jellyfish Lake might just be the ultimate adventure.  The aptly-named Jellyfish Lake has long been a magnet for adventurous travelers, marine biologists, scientists and nature lovers around the world.  When you plan your adventure to Jellyfish Lake, you will quickly see what all the excitement is about. 

Jellyfish_Lake_aerial_March_2008-300x200 A Marine Adventure at Jellyfish Lake

Jellyfish Lake aerial View

Located in the Rock Islands of Palau, the esteemed lake is already one of the most popular destinations for adventure travel.  Palau offers a host of adventures for travelers of all ages, from deep-sea fishing and diving to scuba diving and windsurfing.  If you will be traveling to Palau on your next holiday adventure, a trip there is a must.  Located on Eil Malk Island in Palau, Jellyfish Lake is a fascinating marine lake that has long drawn the attention of scientists and marine biologists.  The history of the bustling lake as an adventure travel destination is much shorter but no less compelling.  In many ways Jellyfish Lake is still a hidden gem, but one well worth seeking out. 

 Jellyfish-lake-2-300x200 A Marine Adventure at Jellyfish LakeWhile it may appear landlocked, the lake is actually connected to the surrounding ocean through a series of fissures and tunnels in the ancient reef.  The reef and ocean enjoy a rich diversity of marine life.

Palau_Jelly_Fish_Lake-300x200 A Marine Adventure at Jellyfish Lake

Visitors @ Palau Jellyfish Lake

As a result, the jellyfish found in Jellyfish Lake are quite distinct and very different from the ones found in the nearby lagoon and other bodies of water.  The stunning nature of the lake and the waters bring visitors from around the world.  They come to see the beautiful lake  that give the lake its name, but they stay for the stunning natural beauty that makes a trip to Palau such an adventure.   

jellyfish-lake1-300x201 A Marine Adventure at Jellyfish Lake

Swimmer with video camera, Palau

One of the things that makes Jellyfish Lake such a must for adventure travelers is the chance to actually swim with jellyfish.  While many beachgoers try hard to avoid these fragile marine creatures, at Jellyfish Lake they are the star of the show.  In Jellyfish Lake, you can swim with millions of these fascinating animals, enjoying the beauty and splendor of nature at every turn.  You will want to pack your waterproof camera and take plenty of shots as you move through the waters of Jellyfish Lake and enjoy the beauty of nature. 

While Palau has many wonderful opportunities for adventure travel, none is quite as unique or well loved as Jellyfish Lake.   For many years Jellyfish Lake was the exclusive home of naturalists, marine biologists and scientists from around the world.   Now that the word has gotten out, those professionals have had to share their secret with the world.   And the world is flooding in – bringing adventure-minded travelers by the thousands to see, admire, and swim with the jellyfish that give this unique marine lake its name.



  • I have never heard of this place, but after reading this article, it seems truly beautiful.

  • A lake full of jellyfish? If you are looking for adventure, then few things would beat this.