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Diving in Cuba: Underwater Beauty Awaits

Cuba Diving

Picture yourself diving in the pristine Caribbean ocean traversing a dense layer of ocean wildlife along coral reefs, surrounded by exotic colorful fish.  Adventure is awaiting you at one of the 300 natural beaches in Cuba.

91-300x202 Diving in Cuba: Underwater Beauty AwaitsCuba has set itself apart as an iconic Caribbean destination filled with underwater wonders and beauty for adventurous water sport enthusiasts.  The largest country in the Caribbean, Cuba’s pristine, warm water beaches set the stage for adventurous water excursions and activities; diving being among the most popular.  Diving in Cuba is a particularly sensory experience as the Caribbean beaches are known for their colorful coral reefs and crystal clear transparent water.

53-300x225 Diving in Cuba: Underwater Beauty AwaitsCuban waters are dense with hundreds of different species of gorgeous, colorful fish appreciated by tourists as well as underwater photographers who capture stunning moments.  Tourists may truly enjoy the natural underwater beauty as they are immersed in warm water (ranging from 73-86 degrees F) in a tropical paradise that is unlike anything they have ever experienced.

10-300x200 Diving in Cuba: Underwater Beauty AwaitsRealizing their fortunate location in such close proximity to the magnificent Caribbean ocean, the Cuban government has sanctioned many water areas as “marine protected.”  Cuba’s first no-take marine park is called, Gardens of the Queen and is recognized in the Caribbean as the largest marine reserve.

43-300x222 Diving in Cuba: Underwater Beauty AwaitsLimited to 1,000 visitors per year, those fortunate enough to visit Gardens of the Queen will scuba dive among some of the most fascinating underwater wildlife ever to be observed filled with hundreds of coral and mangrove islands and thousands of variations of sharks, sea turtles and whales.  Nonprofit organization, Ocean Doctor, was created to promote ocean conservation through hands-on experiences and learning. The organization leads annual excursions to the Gardens of the Queen.

63-300x217 Diving in Cuba: Underwater Beauty AwaitsCuban divers may make the most out of their experience by visiting a diving center to receive instruction and stay up to date on first aid and lifesaving techniques should trouble arise.  Courses are available for novice or experienced divers as well as a host of professional instructors who meet international certifications for training from various organizations including PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors), SSI (Scuba Schools International) and more.  Consulting with a diving professional will allow beginners to obtain certification and make the most out of their experience.  Cuban diving center unanimously accept certification from RSTC (Recreational Scuba Training Council).

82 Diving in Cuba: Underwater Beauty AwaitsCuban travelers wishing to dive may choose from 15 designated scuba diving zones.  The exhilarating experience is made truly memorable by the vast, natural beauty of the ocean.  Guests are encouraged to bring their underwater camera and capture the unforgettable experience.  With a large network of coral reefs making up the coastline and the unhindered, pure beauty of underwater it is no wonder diving has become one of Cuba’s main tourist attractions. Adventurers will find themselves in playground of wonder.

Visit the USA Cuba Travel website to learn more about diving in Cuba.

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  • I always wanted to check out diving and do it at least once. Do they offer tutorials as well for a real beginner? It would be really exiting to check out diving in a place like Cuba, for sure.

  • Superb photos and I can only imagine how awesome it would be to dive there. Definitely a must destination in the future.