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Morocco – The Best of Old and New World

Enjoy  a Trip to Morocco

If you want to be a true world traveler instead of a mere tourist, a trip to Morocco is the perfect tonic for the same old trip.  Morocco represents the best of the old world – with its charming architecture and medieval monuments, and pairs it with the best of the new world.  From 21st century cities to villages right out of the middle ages, you can find it all in Morocco.

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Morocco is a delight for all the senses.  In fact, many first-time visitors find the destination a bit overwhelming.  Once the initial shock wears off, however, you will enjoy the adventure of a lifetime on your trip to this jewel of the Middle East.  If you love to shop, you can find anything and everything at one of Morocco’s famous Kasbahs.  If you want a one-of-a-kind souvenir, you can pick up your favorite scent at an authentic spice market.

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Camel riding In Morocco

One of the best ways to see Morocco is from the back of a camel.  These ships of the desert have been carrying pilgrims and adventurers across the sands for thousands of years, and camel owners are always happy to take visitors on a camelback tour of their homeland.  Whether you take a quite half hour ride or embark on a multi-day trip across the Sahara, you are sure to have a great time.

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The City of Tangiers – Morocco

When your desert adventure is over, you will need plenty of time to explore the wonderful cities Morocco is famous for.   Whether you are visiting Morocco for the first time or the twentieth, you will want to include a trip to Tangiers on your itinerary.   This ancient city is a melting pot of old and new, with artifacts dating back to the Middle Ages and industries right out of the 21st century.   Tangiers is Morocco in a nutshell – old and new, charming and bustling and always an adventure.


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Moroccon Hookah Lounges

You will also want to leave plenty of time for a trip to Marrakech.  This famous city has been celebrated in songs, in literature and in films, and visiting it is like stepping back in time.   If you have never been to Morocco before, you will want to map out a couple of days to explore the city.  Give it the time it deserves and get to know the locals.  Grab a pipe and visit the local hookah lounge.  Enjoy an authentic Moroccan meal at one of the city’s best restaurants.  Visit the ancient artifacts and architectural wonders.  When your visit to Marrakech is over, you will feel like a native.

Whether you are a fan of history, a lover of adventure or a nature enthusiast, there is plenty to love in Morocco.  From the bustling cites of Tangiers and Marrakech to the ancient villages and desert oases, a trip to Morocco is truly a delight for the ages.