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10 Reasons to Travel and Include Germany On Your Bucket-List

Exploration is rooted in everybody’s nature.  Travelling keeps your mind creative and takes you away from everyday worries.  It’s one of the best remedies to eliminate the boredom of your routine. Traveling to distant places makes you more open to the outside world; traveling allows you to see the world firsthand. Traveling to far away sites makes you cherish your home more, you will understand how to make new friends more easily, you will realize how big the world is and how less you knew about it, you will experience fortuity. This whole experience would add more to your personality.

When planning your list of countries to visit, make sure you place Germany at the top of the list and here’s why.

171188-004-712AB376-300x200 Germany

Photo courtesy of the Encyclopedia Britannica

1.  Germany Catches The Eye Of Scenery Lovers

Some travelers have an interest in drawing sceneries and love landscapes. Germany is the best place to go and explore forests, landscapes, beaches and mountain ranges. It’s a good place to hike. Photographers must pay a visit to examine the finesse and beauty of Germany. The flowers cultivating the environment are the most attractive.

2.  Climate of Germany Suits Everyone

Germany has a decent climate in terms of time period of hot and cold weathers. No long durations of cold and no long-lasting high temperatures. Everyone can opt for Germany in their suitable times.

germany-300x188 Germany

Photo courtesy of Tourist Destinations

3.  A Heaven for Foodies

German food has a lot to offer. Breads are the most liked and most modified in German dishes. Breads are dipped and soaked in the best quality beer and wine. The most exquisite bread is the all-time favorite ‘Brotchen’.  Germany has hundreds of different sausages and stews. It’s a wonderland for gourmands.

4.  A Country of Events (Bachfest Leipzig)

A colorful and vibrant event that takes place annually at the most serene and historic location of ‘Thomarskirche’ Leipzig. It exhibits international performers and beautiful music. Classical music is what this event is famous for. It’s a must attend for classical music lovers and addicts.

wagner-festival-15-07-2016-300x108 Germany

Wagner Festival

5.  The Festival of Wagner

Wagner festival is conducted in Bayreuth for people who appreciate the music of ‘Richard Wagner’. Tickets are hard to come by and one must plan his/her trip properly to visit this musical fiesta.

6.  Festival Medieval

If you have a yearning for history, this festival is a must attend for you. Taking place every September in the city of Selb, they entertain the audience by an enactment of events taken place in the middle ages. The festival includes archery tournaments, sculptures of witches, weird looking beggars, fire shows and much more. A perfect place to visit for a history geek.

Berlin-Germany-Facial-Courses-300x188 Germany7.  Festival Oktoberfest

The festival celebrates life to its maximum. The tents and the scrumptious German food, stews, etc. (Brotchen Bread, Schweinebraten, Wurst) provide you with the best ambiance. Feasting and dancing are what life dictates. A must for party lovers!

8.  Berlin

Berlin is a tourist’s favorite.  A city known for its beautiful architecture and underground culture makes it interesting for explorers. Young souls must take a roundabout of this overwhelming city. The nightlife is, jam-packed with events like Berlinale. Carnival Der Culturen, Long Nights of Museums, etc. The city of Berlin stimulates and thus activates the adventurer inside of you. It catapults your ability to enjoy and appreciate everything around you.

9.  The Transportation

The transportation system of Germany is simple and efficient. One can go around and visit sites easily through trains and buses. The autobahn, famous for its complexity, is a highway system. Autobahn is a very famous facet of Germany.

frankfurt-300x181 Germany

Photo courtesy of TripAdvisor

10.  Frankfurt

The old and the new Frankfurt offer a huge range of skyscrapers and beautiful architecture. A student of Architecture must visit Frankfurt if in Germany. The St. Bartholomew’s Cathedral and the City Hall should be first and second on their list.

In short, Germany is a must in every traveler’s textbook.