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Russia – See The History with a Trip

 A Trip to Russia

During the dark days of the cold war, the Soviet Union was a place of mystery, danger and intrigue.  Now that the Iron Curtain has fallen, visitors from the West are flocking to Russia and rediscovering its history, its charm and the friendliness of its people.  If you are looking for a unique travel adventure, a trip to Russia should definitely be on your list.  From the splendor of the Kremlin to the starkness of a Moscow winter, there is something new to see, hear and explore at every turn. 

bank-bridge-in-st-petersburg-300x200 Russia - See The History with a Trip

Bank Bridge in St. Petersburg

You can start your Russian adventure with a thorough exploration of St. Petersburg. This iconic city has played a major role in Russian history from time immemorial. It was here the tsars ruled with an iron fist, and here they were overthrown. St. Petersburg is still a major seat of power, so you can explore modern history alongside ancient lore.   

hermitage3-300x200 Russia - See The History with a Trip

Hermitage Museum

St. Petersburg is also home to the Hermitage – arguably one of the best art galleries in the world.  If you love fine art, a trip to the Hermitage is an absolute must.  You could spend days wandering through the galleries and marveling at the priceless works of art on display here.  If you want to relax and unwind, you can book a tour and float down the beautiful canals that line the city streets in St. Petersburg.  This is one of the prettiest cities in all of Russia, and you will want to spend lots of time taking it in.   

great_rail_dining__2373439b-300x188 Russia - See The History with a Trip

An Unforgettable travelling experience from Russia to Moscow

When you are done exploring the wonders of St. Petersburg, you will want to move on to Moscow. There is convenient train service between the two cities, so getting there will not be much of a problem. The train journey is an adventure in itself, giving you a chance to see the beautiful countryside and observe a slice of ordinary Russian life.   

history-museum-kremlin-night-view-wide-full-300x173 Russia - See The History with a Trip

Kremlin Museum

Once you arrive in Moscow, you will want to head over to the Kremlin for an educational tour.  The Kremlin has a long and fascinating history – one that is almost as old as Russia itself.  From the days of the tsars through the Communist era and beyond, the Kremlin has stood, changed and withstood the test of time. 

red-square2-300x251 Russia - See The History with a Trip

Red Square, Russia

You will also want to visit Red Square while you are in Moscow. This iconic square has witnessed century’s worth of history, and you can feel those events unfolding around you as you wander around the area.  If you are looking for still more history, be sure to visit the Armoury complex. You will learn a lot about the history of the country and the region, and you will gain a new perspective on Russia and its people.   

famous-easter-eggs-by-faberge-in-st-petersburg-300x200 Russia - See The History with a Trip

Faberge Eggs

You will also see the famous Faberge eggs, with their unique mix of fragility and grandeur. Given by the uber-wealthy as gifts, these amazing eggs represent both the height of Russian artistry and the excesses of the old world. 


Booking a trip to Russia is like stepping back in time. You can explore the wonders of Moscow and St. Petersburg and see what life was like under the tsars, under communism and today. You can get out into the countryside and get to know the locals. No matter what you choose to do, you will come away with a wealth of memories and a sense of wonder.