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Czech Republic – A True Travel Adventure Trip

A Visit to the Czech Republic 

For many years, the Czech Republic was a hidden gem in the heart of Eastern Europe.  The locals knew how wonderful it was, but few tourists took the time to visit.  That is all changing now, and the word has gotten out that the Czech Republic is an exciting and affordable European adventure.  If you are ready for an authentic travel experience, the Czech Republic is the perfect place to visit. 

Czech-Republic-Prague-300x225 Czech Republic - A True Travel Adventure Trip


The city of Prague is the natural jumping off point for any visit to the Czech Republic.  This bustling city has a host of things to see and do, and you could easily spend a week or two here and never see it all.  Whether you fly, drive or arrive by train, Prague is the natural place to start your Czech Republic adventure. 


vltava-river-300x200 Czech Republic - A True Travel Adventure Trip

Vltava River

The city of Prague is filled with modern and ancient architecture, stunning works of art and cultural wonders at every turn, but it is also a place of natural beauty.   Prague was built on the shores of the Vltava River, with its wooded hills and stunning vistas.  Today, visitors to Prague can wander through those woods and enjoy the finely sculptured parks that make this pedestrian-friendly city so special.   

Praha_Old_Town_sq_from_St_Nicholas-300x225 Czech Republic - A True Travel Adventure Trip

Old Town Square

If you have never been to Prague before, Old Town Square is the perfect place to start.   This is the city center of Prague, and a great place for people watching, exploring or just relaxing.   The Old Town Square area is surrounded by stunning architecture, but there are modern amenities as well.  This is the perfect place to grab a quick bite to eat or a relaxing drink before starting your touring day.   

original_Prague-Astronomical-Clock-Prague-Orloj-supa_pedro-300x193 Czech Republic - A True Travel Adventure Trip

Town Hall Tower

Be sure to check out the astronomical clock on the base of Town Hall Tower.  This unique (and durable) clock was built in 1490.  You will want to stick around for the turning of the hour, when the clock puts on an epic show, complete with the apostles coming out the window to the left of the clock. 


Jan_Hus-253x300 Czech Republic - A True Travel Adventure Trip

Jan Hus

History buffs will also want to check out the status of Jan Hus, a largely forgotten figure who attempted to reform the old church 100 years before Martin Luther made his famous stand.   While Martin Luther is celebrated in history, Jan Hus was ahead of his time.   His efforts to reform the ages old institution got him burned at the stake. 



estates-theatre-300x200 Czech Republic - A True Travel Adventure Trip

Narodni Divadlo, Estates Theater, Prague

If you prefer architecture to history, the Estates Theater is definitely worth a look.   This famous theatre is a true iconic structure, but its significance transcends architecture.   The Estates Theatre is where Mozart performed his famous opera “Don Giovanni.” You can almost hear the music in the air as you visit the theatre.  


stommy-300x200 Czech Republic - A True Travel Adventure Trip

The Arts & Museums In Prague, worth a watch.

Prague is just as well known for its artworks, and its museums are a delight for any art lover.  Be sure to leave plenty of time to explore the museums and galleries that the city is so well known for. 



No matter what you are looking for in a vacation, you will find it in the Czech Republic.   When you visit and explore the many wonders of Prague and further afield, you will come away with a new appreciation for history, art and architecture.



  • The Czech Republic is like a piece of medieval history come alive in our 21st century. A truly beautiful place to visit and to enjoy. Highly recommended.

  • If you like beer, hearty food and a medieval setting, the Czech Republic is a must visit for sure. Do yourself the favor and check that country out.

  • Does anyone know what the name of the city from the top-picture is? I’d really appreciate an answer, it is beautiful!

    • Unesco Czech Republic. We suggest you also watch the video at the bottom to really get a glimpse at this lovely country. Thanks for asking, Amy.

  • This is amazing place and I should visit it for sure. Very good photos, its so beautiful. Thank you, I think it would be a good idea for me to visit this amazing place.