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Larry Disalvi – Musician and Stellar Performer

Larry Disalvi – Decades of Accomplishment and Still Going Strong 

larry-duprees-225x300 Larry Disalvi - Musician and Stellar PerformerMusician Larry Disalvi may be best known for his work with the Duprees a few decades ago, but this solid performer is still going strong.  While Larry Disalvi is justifiably proud of his work with the iconic doo-wop group, his true passion is finding new fans in unexpected places.  Larry has always been a consummate musician and stellar performer, and he really enjoys displaying his talents to new audiences night after night.  While he still enjoys singing a Duprees song from time to time, he prefers making his own new music and delighting fans from many different generations. 

show-boat-duprees-225x300 Larry Disalvi - Musician and Stellar Performer

Show Boat–Duprees

In fact, when Larry Disalvi performs he often sees a range of ages in the audiences.  It is not unusual for men and women who grew up bopping to the music of The Duprees to bring their grown children, and even their grandchildren, out to see the man who started it all.  That kind of atmosphere is always a delight for Larry, and he revels in the new fans he has found in his hometown and around the world.  One of the things that has always set Larry Disalvi from many of his peers is his huge musical range. Larry is no one-trick pony, and he is just as at home in a smoky bar as he is in a majestic old theatre.  No matter what the venue, Larry Disalvi is able to tailor his show to the place and the audience.  The famous track “Show Boat” of Duprees was a major hit which still rule many hearts.

duprees-1988-225x300 Larry Disalvi - Musician and Stellar Performer


On one night, one might see Larry Disalvi singing his favorite swing tunes at the oldest theatre in town.  The next night he might be reprising his work with The Duprees at a crowded bar or dance club.  Like many performers who are best known for their association with a famous band, Larry Disalvi has worried about being pigeonholed as a member of The Duprees.  Unlike some other performers, however, Larry has been able to move past that association and enjoy great success on his own terms. 



magic-lady-225x300 Larry Disalvi - Musician and Stellar Performer

The Famous track–The Magic Lady

Many of Larry Disalvi’s new fans know him from one of his most famous solo tunes.  The hit single “Magic Lady” has been a mainstay at weddings, anniversary parties and other celebrations of love. In fact, many of Larry Disalvi’s most ardent fans remember dancing to the beautiful sound of “Magic Lady” at their own weddings.  Even all these years later, this iconic tune is still one of the most frequently requested tunes at his live performances. 



larry-performing Larry Disalvi - Musician and Stellar Performer

Larry Performing live @ Filomenas Cucina Rustica & Lounge

Fans who want to see what Larry Disalvi is up to these days can book him at their own venues or check his schedule for upcoming performances.  Larry Disalvi performs at local theatres, clubs, and is an honored performer on the Patti Lattanzi Billy Carlucci & the Gang Variety Show and other places, and he is always eager to greet old fans and make new ones.


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  • Larry Disalvi: Please contact me to discuss performing at our condo, Meridian of Valley Square in Warrington, Pa I saw you perform at Flowers Mills in Langhorne, PA. You can contact me at the below email or Thanks.

    • Hi Sandy, We passed on the message to Larry. He will be contacting you shortly. Thanks for finding him on Hooked on Entertainment and commenting here. We deleted your phone number to protect your privacy. Thanks

  • Larry = Just wanted to say thank you again for entertaining at Meridian. The night was a big success thanks to you and the great music you played. Everyone was dancing and having fun.