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Hotsy Totsy – Retro-Pop Trio

Hotsy Totsy are a talented retro-pop trio hailing from New Jersey that began life as an Andrews Sisters act. After a successful seven-month stint at the Tropicana Hotel and

Atlantic-City-NJ-Tropicana-Hotel Hotsy Totsy - Retro-Pop Trio

Atlantic City Hotsy Totsy

Casino in Atlantic City when the girls gained an impressive repertoire, they decided to reinvent themselves as Hotsy Totsy and started building on new original music.  All three of the girls are natural songbirds, but altogether they form a perfect three-part harmony that provides the perfect entertainment for a fun-filled evening.  The girl groups of yesteryear had a certain sass that is missing from today’s overly sexual pop acts.  Bands such as The Boswell Sisters managed to entertain their legions of fans through sheer talent alone without having to rely on skimpy stage costumes or provocative dance routines. Hotsy Totsy is a refreshing homage to a more innocent era where female singers captivated their audiences with little more than a cheeky smile and a wiggle of the hips.  The girls provide visual entertainment with their colourful stage costumes that are reminiscent of the swinging 60s.

Patti-Lattanzi-Billy-Carlucci-the-Gang-featuring-HotsyTotsy-160x300 Hotsy Totsy - Retro-Pop Trio

Patti Lattanzi Billy Carlucci featuring HOTsy Totsy

All of the members of Hotsy Totsy are talented performing artists in their own right and have years of experience within the music industry.  Amanda Brizzi has appeared onstage in a number of theatre productions and has sung in a variety of cover bands.  Diana Carino is a classically trained soprano and comes from a musical family.  Jennifer Pilong is a talented singer/songwriter who has also tried her hand at theatre.  The girls’ collective musical experience really shines through in their act as each lady looks perfectly at ease on stage.  Hotsy Totsy delivers flawless vocals as well as an infectious energy that sets them apart from the vast majority of novelty pop acts.   Although the girls are adept at handling well-known hits from the 20s onwards, the real magic lies in their own original music that has a wonderful vintage feel.  Although they started their singing act with pitch perfect acappella, they have added instruments of the ukulele, guitar and hand percussion into their live performances.  Each gig features a completely unique set list full of an eclectic mix of songs that capture all the sensuality and spice of the girl bands of yesteryear.  Hotsy Totsy manages to bring a fresh and unique sound to a forgotten era of truly great music.  The girls’ professionalism and flawless vocals make them the ideal backing singers for artists of every genre.  As well as performing live, the band is available for session work and can come up with perfect backing vocals on the spot. Many famous artists often struggle with live shows as singing in tune for over an hour can be an extremely difficult task. Hotsy Totsy provides perfect harmonies along with a thoroughly entertaining live show that creates the perfect backdrop for a wedding or other event.  Those in the New Jersey area can check the girls’ main website for upcoming shows and appearances that guarantee a memorable evening.  During interview they said, “we are going into the studio this month to record our first album (of originals) that will be released in May of this year.”  To view their schedule go to their website:  www.hotsytotsygals.com

Hotsy-Totsy-event-040815.-276x300 Hotsy Totsy - Retro-Pop Trio

Hotsy Totsy April 8, 2015

A-Hotsy-Totsy-pic-300x199 Hotsy Totsy - Retro-Pop Trio

Hotsy Totsy Licking Lollipops




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