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Adele: A Living Legend


Adele is one of the world’s most decorated female recording artists.  In a career that began with the release of her first album in 2008, Adele has won dozens of awards in her career, and amazed audiences with her sensational, and soulful voice.  The British native’s recent comeback with the release of her third album, 25, has cemented her as one of the world’s all time most successful artists.

The Youthful Starlet

2-1-300x198 Adele: A Living LegendBorn in North London and raised by her mother, Adele Laurie Blue Adkins adopted a passion for singing at a young age.  Adele’s mother encouraged the burgeoning starlet to explore many avenues and search her heart to uncover her passions.  Adele was naturally drawn to music growing up listening to artists like Destiny’s Child and Mary J. Blige.  At 15 years old, Adele began to find a sound that resonated with her soulful voice, picking up records by Etta James and Ella Fitzgerald.  Adele was amazed by the R&B legends and began to adopt their soulful style of singing giving her a vision of the legendary performer she aspired to become.

7-1-300x201 Adele: A Living LegendAdele found an avenue for her talent at the BRIT School for Performing Arts & Technology.  Adele’s time at school allowed her to experiment with her vocal range.  After graduating from the school in 2006, the future star recorded a three-track demo, and released it on MySpace.  The demo quickly gained the attention of XL Recordings.  Adele ultimately signed with the label and released her debut album, 19, in 2008.

8-1-300x200 Adele: A Living LegendAdele’s first album received critical acclaim and a global  reception with the hit tracks, “Hometown Glory,” and “Chasing Pavements.” These Billboard hits quickly catapulted to the singer to an impressive level of international recognition. The overwhelming success of 19 led to promotional opportunities and guest appearances on shows, and earned her British and American music awards including 2009 Grammys for ‘Best New Artist’ and one for ‘Best Female Pop Vocal Performance’ in 2009.

skyfall-300x225 Adele: A Living LegendAdele’s next album, 21, also received critical acclaim, breaking records and selling more than 30 million copies.  The album is responsible for hit singles, “Rolling in the Deep,” and “Someone Like You,” and earned the superstar six Grammy Awards and title of “Album of the Year” in 2012.  Adele’s single, “Skyfall” also scored global recognition, serving as the theme song to the 2013 James Bond series film of the same name.

5-1-300x186 Adele: A Living LegendAdele’s career was briefly halted after the 2012 birth of her son Angelo, but the singer gracefully returned to the spotlight in the fall of 2015 with her album, 25, and the release of another smash hit single, “Hello.”  Not surprisingly, the album has sold millions of copies in the U.S and U.K., and “Hello” skyrocketed to number one on Billboard pop music charts.  The singer’s exceptional star power was evident by the 10 million fans who took to the internet on December 17, 2015 to fight for 750,000 tickets which were released for her 2016 North American tour.

9-1-300x199 Adele: A Living LegendThe living legend continues chasing pavements and breaking records with her unprecedented commercial success.  Billboard Hot 100 lists Adele as the first female lead artist to have three simultaneous top 10 singles on the Billboard charts.  Billboard has often commended Adele’s unprecedented success, and in 2011-12 named her ‘Artist of the Year.’  Adele is praised by fans for staying true to her craft and not getting caught up in the temptations of Hollywood.  This young performer has proven that sheer passion, God-given talent, and dedication to craft might just take one further than their wildest dreams.

With an iconic voice and prolific, soulful songs, it is easy to get #hookedon Adele.  Follow the incredible singer on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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  • Adele definitely rose to prominence in recent years, and I think it is well deserved. She has a ton of talent and we can expect only more great songs from her in coming years, in my opinion.

  • With the songs that she has published and is still publishing, this young woman has nowhere to go, except being awesome. I really like her and I hope she will deliver the same performances for years to come.

  • Adele is a great artist. And her voice is just incredible. She will surely mark the music industry in the future.

  • Adele just keeps pumping out extremely good songs. I don`t know how she does it, but it’s incredible.