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Residual Payments – One of the Most Lucrative Industries on Earth

Residual Payments Course

Residual Payments has launched its online course, which aims to give entrepreneurs all the information they need to start earning passive income from home as a digital payments expert.  Earning passive or residual income has become popular as a means for entrepreneurs to make money while working from home.  However, with many options and methods of getting started, people often end up losing money through strategies that are not profitable.  The digital payments expert course from Residual Payments offers training from David and Patricia Carlin, a power couple who have earned millions through commissions using their system.

The newly launched course from Residual Payments provides people with all the tools and information they need in order to learn what a digital payments expert is and how becoming one can allow them to earn residual income from home.  Furthermore, the course is taught by David and Patricia Carlin, who have over 20 years of experience in the industry.

The course from Residual Payments aims to train people into becoming merchant service agents, who are authorized to allow businesses to accept credit and debit card transactions with online ordering.  Merchant agents then earn residual income through commissions paid out for every transaction that is processed through the systems.  In the current pandemic landscape, card transactions are fast outgrowing cash payments, as many places and government policies are restricting the use of physical cash.  By becoming a merchant service agent, people can benefit from this surge and learn how to earn income through Residual Payments training.

David and Patricia Carlin aim to bring their personal experiences and expertise of working in the industry to students of their course with their step-by-step training system.  Their course includes a detailed syllabus that covers all the strategies the couple use that has seen them work with several major brands in the eCommerce world.  More information on the course can also be found here.

They said, “We’re David And Patricia.  If you’re part of the Digital Payments world, then you know who we are.  We’ve processed billions of dollars in payments, worked with every major brand in the ecommerce industry, and made 10’s of millions in commissions.  After thousands of requests, we finally made the decision to pull back the curtain and teach you exactly what it takes to become a million dollar payments agent.  If you’re serious about creating REAL residual income, this is the best course you will ever take.  These are the exact same strategies they personally use to generate millions of dollars per year in commissions.”