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Al Jeremiah – An Amazing Singer, Songwriter, and Musician

Al Jeremiah singing in right touch studios
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Kenny Jeremiah

Have you heard about the iconic soul singer, Kenny Jeremiah and how he explored the R&B and Soul music genre in his lifetime?  If you’ve heard about Kenny’s love for music and his exploits on the chats, then, you would probably not be surprised to know that Kenny has a younger brother, Al Jeremiah who is also an amazing singer, songwriter, and musician.

Al-Jeremiah-on-his-bike-1024x768 Al Jeremiah - An Amazing Singer, Songwriter, and MusicianAl Jeremiah

Al Jeremiah’s journey into music can be said to have been inspired by other musicians and groups that sprung up during his formative years.  He grew up being influenced by songs of the Righteous Brothers, Barry White, and Isaac Hayes but the most significant influence on his choice of music and genre would be by the group, the Soul Survivors.  The Soul Survivors is an American-owned but Philadephia-based R&B and soul group that was founded by natives Richie and Charlie Ingui with Al’s brother Kenny Jeremiah.  This group ushered in Gamble and Huff music which gave way to The Sounds of Philadephia.

Al-Jeremiah-with-soul-survivors Al Jeremiah - An Amazing Singer, Songwriter, and MusicianAl Jeremiah

Al Jeremiah attended Thomas A Edison High School and worked with AT&T until his retirement recently.  Al got married to his neighbor Gail, someone he had known since he was 15, and the highlight of their wedding was having the combination of his brother, Kenny Jeremiah, and Shirley Goodman perform.  These two icons were on a tour and the newly wedded couple, Gail and Al were blessed to have Kenny and Shirley perform Shame Shame Shame which at that point, was at the top of the charts.  Al Jeremiah had always loved music but being a shy person, he didn’t pay serious attention to it especially because of his work at AT&T.  During these moments, he focused on writing songs, paying attention to his family, and basking in the glory of his brother who had become a household name.

Al-Jeremiah-banner-picture Al Jeremiah - An Amazing Singer, Songwriter, and MusicianAl Jeremiah

All of the shying away from actively doing music changed after his retirement at AT&T because he started getting invitations to sing with his brother at many New Jersey restaurants and pubs.  What started out as a reluctant action gave way for amassing a great following after Al came out of his shell and sang extraordinarily well.  With the musical acts with his brother, the Jeremiah Brothers Band started getting a lot of music gigs in the Hamptons and this went on well till Covid-19 struck and made them cancel many of their shows.

Al-Jeremiah-with-the-music-celebrities Al Jeremiah - An Amazing Singer, Songwriter, and MusicianAl Jeremiah

If the only blow Covid-19 dealt was the setback to the growing popularity of the Jeremiah Brothers Band or Al’s renewed interest in music through the cancellation of their shows then, they would have scaled through.  However, the bigger blow came to the family on the 4th of December, 2020 when Kenny passed away due to the virus.  With Kenny’s death, Al has had to carry on the legacy of the family, emotionally and through music.  He has been able to take his family through the storm and keep up the good work that the family is known for.  Check out his video below.  The Jeremiah legacy lives on.