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How to best explore Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico

Tour the Caribbean Oasis of Puerto Rico

Often referred to as the “Island of Enchantment,” Puerto Rico is a wondrous Caribbean haven whose unique geologic and topographical offerings make it an idyllic tourist destination for adventurous travelers.

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Uniquely situated between the Caribbean and North American tectonic plates, this magnificent island is a geological phenomenon that has transformed over the centuries featuring a jagged coastline filled with with prehistoric rocks and sediment.

Puerto Rico is highly sought after by tourists for its rich topography as the island features a mountainous region, rainforest, desert, resplendent beaches and is famously known for its large labyrinth of caves featuring the incredibly vast Rio Camuy which is the “third largest subterranean river in the world,” according to ToPuertoRico.com.
There is a wealth of activities for tourists to enjoy during their stay in Puerto Rico.  A few of the must-do items include:

Tour San Juan

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Tourists staying on the island’s capital, San Juan, will enjoy sightseeing the historic town.  Colorful buildings dot the cobblestone streets and buildings which are hundreds of years old offering spectacular vantage points of the San Juan Bay.  Guided by tour, guests will enjoy learning about San Juan’s rich history, which dates back to 1513, all while enjoying incredible art and learning of the island’s aboriginal roots and evolution.

Rio Camuy Cave Park

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Make your way to the Arecibo Observatory to explore one of the world’s oldest and most fascinating caves, the Rio Camuy.  Believed to be 45 million years old, the Rio Camuy cave is a geological wonder boasting a brilliant, crystal interior.  Tourists may safely tour the cave while enjoying Arecibo’s other scientific offerings such as viewing the galaxy via a high-powered telescope or listening in on the wonders of space via the world’s largest radio telescope.

El Yunque Rainforest

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Depart from San Juan and spend a half-day exploring the incredible rain-forest region of El Yunque.  Offering an unscathed scenic beauty, a vast system of trails and gorgeous waterfalls, a tour of this rain-forest makes for a relaxing and picturesque reprieve on your Puerto Rican vacation.

Playa Flamenco

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Arguably the most popular and pristine beach in Puerto Rico, Playa Flamenco is praised for its magnificent, unobstructed stretch of shining white beach, turquoise blue waters and its catering to tourists offering beach grub, tropical cocktails, picnic tables and camping.  Vacationers can easily spend the entire day at glorious Playa Flamenco with toilet, outdoor showers and other amenities at their disposal.

El Morro

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Tourists will feel as they they’ve stepped back in time when they visit  El Morro, a resilient fort-like structure that dates back to 1539 and boasts Spanish influences.  Set against the backdrop of the choppy Atlantic Ocean, a visit to El Morro makes for a scenic afternoon picnicking and enjoying old world San Juan.

Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico

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Puerto Rico’s colorful and vast history is documented beautifully through San Juan’s Museo de Art.  Paintings, sculptures and other gorgeous artifacts dating from the 17th-21st century line this magnificent museum and offer tourists a cultural and visual cornucopia to further complement their beautiful island vacation.


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