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DIY Home Projects – How to Enhance and Sell Your Home

DIY Home Projects

DIY Home Projects

DIY Home Projects

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Since it’s sometimes very difficult to obtain a bank loan and some believe that the housing market is currently unstable, homeowners are trying new tricks to sell their properties, such as DIY home projects. If you’d like to increase your home’s value, you might consider trying one of the following strategies.


DIY Home Projects

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Make your entrance welcoming by giving it a fresh coat of paint.  Potential buyers will make a snap judgment of your home immediately when they walk in so it is important that the entrance is inviting and attractive.  Take care of the front yard and remove all the weeds.  Put new and modern address numbers and paint the door. Also, make sure that at the entrance you don’t have piles of keys, shoes or mail.

DIY Home Projects

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Eliminating odors is another great thing you can do for your home.  You might be accustomed to certain scents, especially if you are a dog-owner or have children, but the prospective buyers aren’t.  The odors can be better removed by making use of baking soda.  This magic powder can be used for the refrigerators, washing machines, trash cans and garbage disposals.

Gardening and Re-finishing

DIY Home Projects

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Your home can look even more appealing after applying mulch to the back and front yards.  The mulch should be thick, up to 3 inches, to allow the roots to grow.  This substance is very helpful for the soil and helps to deter weeds.  Enhance your home’s interior decor by sanding and painting the cabinets.  To begin, remove all drawers, doors and hardware and thoroughly clean each surface.  Finally, use a liquid sand to de-glaze the area and clean it again before painting.


DIY Home Projects

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Repairing holes in the walls caused by nails is also critically important.  For plaster or drywall, use some spackle to patch up the hole followed by a light coat of paint.  For trim, make use of wood filler.  This operation is very simple and will help you a lot when finding a buyer for your home.  Caulking is another way to make your home more attractive.  Clean the area you want to caulk and make sure it’s dry. Get the right tube: silicon for bath and kitchen, acrylic for bath, kitchen and exterior and latex for the interior.  Ensure there aren’t large gaps between the surfaces and, in the end, let the caulk get dry before using the water.


DIY Home Projects

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Your appliances may need to be spruced up, especially if you have an older home.  An easy way to give old appliances a fresh look is to update the knobs.   Slowly remove the old knob and put the new one in place.  Make sure it’s properly fixed and that it doesn’t move.  Next, you can repair dirty or scuffed the baseboard. Hide the holes or dents by using wood filler, caulk the top of the trim and finally, repaint.

DIY Home Projects

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Old doors may be in need of new, shiny handles.  Remove the old ones and put the modern ones in place.  Make sure the new ones fit in properly without scratching or damaging the existing door in the process.  The last thing you can do for your home is to clean the closets.  This does not require any experience or tools; just keep storage spaces tidy, organized and neat.

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  • There are lot of things that you can do on your own for home improvement. Just like painting your walls or any part of your house. Some little repairs can also be done with your own hand. You just have to be sure when to DIY it or ask help from the professionals.

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