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Teddy Pendergrass II: Real Estate Investment Savvy Investor

Teddy Pendergrass II

After graduating with a BA in Economics and Finance from West Chester University, Teddy Pendergrass II launched his financial industry career quickly.   Now, over two decades later, he specializes in tax advice and asset management services for individuals, families, and corporations looking to expand or protect their wealth.  Some of his clients include NFL, NBA, and music industry stars.  Teddy Pendergrass, late R&B legend, was his father.

3 Teddy’s are better than 1

As a financial and investment advisor, he has accumulated a comprehensive network of contacts throughout multiple industries.  This reputation for financial management and assisting high net worth people and firms with expanding their interests has earned him a much-lauded place in the world of finance.  His specialties expand to include not only asset management and investments, but also banking, health, life, business, and personal insurance, financing for both residential and commercial properties, 401k and pension planning, the preparation of complex tax situations, trust fund creation and management, and more.  As a consultant or as another roll, he worked with brands like Wells Fargo, Morgan Stanley, New York Life Insurance, and Legacy Sport & Entertainment Asset Management LLC for different periods of time.

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Today, his interests turn increasingly to real estate asset acquisition and investments.  Teddy Pendergrass II is a registered investment advisor who also consults with individuals and corporations about property finance.  He operates Teddy Pendergrass Investment Group, LLC. alongside partner and vice president Shannon E. Johnson, who has acquired enough rental properties to be an accredited investor in her own right.

Prior to this latest partnership, the Teddy Pendergrass Financial Group facilitated the creation and management of 14 different companies.  He held executive positions in most of them for a time.  He also enjoyed CFO or COO status for corporations he consulted with from an external perspective.  This allowed him to operate in ways beneficial to the company or project in a more comprehensive manner.  All together, the companies he helped to build grew their revenues and asset holdings to more than $350 million.

Another company under the Teddy Pendergrass brand focuses on insurance.  His advanced education and additional training netted him a Series 7, 66, 31 NASD pass.  Through this firm, he consults with corporate firms interested in managing their health, disability, life, casualty, and property insurance plans and licenses.  The overall goal includes lowering costs for his clients so they can pass on savings to their own and make more profit at the same time.  As a Securities Rule 144 Specialist, he also assists with restricted security sales, and is currently working toward earning his CPA to expand his business offerings in new directions.

teddy-pendergrass-225x300 Teddy Pendergrass II: Real Estate Investment Savvy Investor

When he is not studying for the accountancy exams, creating or expanding client companies, participating in various community service events, or doing his duty on the board of local civic groups, his primary current focus remains on real estate specifically, multi-family properties ranging from 20 units to 350 units.

Teddy Pendergrass Investment Group, LLC benefits from the long-time success and extensive knowledge of both Teddy and Shannon E. Johnson,  investment specialist, and business builder.  Together, they seek out multi-unit residential properties to purchase, improve, and hold as assets.  Judging by the success of both their past and current ventures, it is no wonder many of their mentors expect great things from this real estate-focused partnership.