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Michael Grazioli – The Classic Career of an Italian-American Actor

Al Sapienza and Michael Grazioli of The Sopranos

Actor and performer Michael Grazioli is proud to be 100% Italian, but he is even prouder of the work he has accomplished. Michael Grazioli has enjoyed a long, successful, and versatile career in movies, television, and the performing arts, a feat that many actors cannot claim.

Michael-Grazioli-1-300x300 Michael Grazioli - The Classic Career of an Italian-American ActorThroughout his acting career, Michael Grazioli has performed a variety of characters, and accumulated numerous stage and screen credits. While the roles he’s played have not been leading parts – at least not yet – he is clearly an accomplished actor, and has successfully performed a diversity of memorable characters on the big screen, the small screen and on theatre stages.

Michael-Grazioli-Sopranos-300x209 Michael Grazioli - The Classic Career of an Italian-American ActorThere are select performances Michael Grazioli is particularly proud of. This proud Italian actor has appeared a number of times on the award-winning and groundbreaking smash hit, The Sopranos, and worked alongside such Hollywood luminaries as James Gandolfini, Lorraine Bracco, Edie Falco, Michael Imperioli, and Dominic Chianese among others.

Perhaps it is felicitous that Michael Grazioli enjoyed some of his greatest successes on a show dedicated to the Italian mafia, and the intriguing world of organized crime. Throughout the years, a number of his friends, colleagues and acquaintances have remarked that Michael Grazioli bears a striking resemblance to infamous gangster John Gotti.

11411722_10152800228502541_8755669454223960800_o Michael Grazioli - The Classic Career of an Italian-American ActorWhile he is most assuredly not a gangster or a member of organized crime, even Michael Grazioli has to admit that the resemblance to John Gotti is there. When Hollywood eventually produces a movie based on the success, trials and tribulations, of the most famous mobster in modern history, Michael Grazioli will assuredly be the one of the front runners when auditioning for the coveted role as John Gotti, the Teflon Don.

This future role might well be a reprise of the part Michael Grazioli played in the acclaimed film American Gangster – a role this proud and 100% Italian actor was thrilled to play. Michael Grazioli was even more thrilled to work opposite Armand Assante during his filming of American Gangster. The opportunity to work with such a renowned and successful actor gave Michael Grazioli a great sense of satisfaction realization with his own career as an actor and performer.

10309885_1420699381525159_479502298_o-225x300 Michael Grazioli - The Classic Career of an Italian-American ActorWhen he is not filming in a Hollywood movie or acting in one of several wildly successful and acclaimed television series, Michael Grazioli is proud to call the South Jersey area his home. He can often be seen travelling the streets of nearby New York City, mingling and working with fellow actors and performers, and proudly enjoying a rewarding career in the entertainment and acting profession.

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