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Ristorante Paoletti: One of the Best Restaurant Dining Experiences

Ristorante Paoletti

Dining at Ristorante Paoletti and having a great restaurant dining experience is an excellent combination.  Paoletti is one of the most highly ranked restaurants in North Carolina.  Renowned as a fine Italian cuisine restaurant with an atmosphere that combines elegance & passion, Paoletti offers outstanding food and service.  Apart from a great place to eat your favorite food, Ristorante Paoletti holds an annual fundraiser for Hospice House which is a 501(c)3 organization.  Being focused on giving back to the community is just another way that sets them apart.  An award compliments Paoletti as the best Italian restaurant in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s “Best New Restaurant” poll.  Paoletti has won many awards, including being named one of the “Ten Best Restaurants in the Southeast.  Dining at Paoletti is an experience you will never forget.

Located in the center of beautiful Highlands, NC, Paoletti is the perfect place to enjoy some fine Italian cuisine.  Beautifully decorated European-style eatery with elegant wine served in a wood-burning furnace.  Paoletti’s delicious recipes have won multiple awards, including seven straight titles at the Pittsburgh Traveler Magazine’s Best Italian Restaurant.  This is truly a dining experience you will never forget.  They also have a 2nd floor dedicated to hosting 3 apartment styles as an Air B&B, for the travellers and visitors to the area.

With its sophisticated atmosphere, fantastic wine selections, and expertly prepared authentic Italian cuisine, it is the perfect place for a vacation or business trip.  The restaurant’s relaxed and casual atmosphere creates an intimate setting perfect for an enjoyable dining experience.  Paoletti offers an English selection along with its many other international and regional specialities.  With wine tasting scheduled throughout the week, a complete wine tasting experience is guaranteed.  Each morning, guests are welcomed with a warm cup of delicious coffee, tea, or hot chocolate.  Then, if desired, they can select from a wide selection of wines to complement their meal.  Paoletti’s wine director, Carmela, offers educational lessons about wines and Italy.  She provides guests with information on the proper way to pair the right wine with a suitable dish and present them with certification for each of her incredible Italian wines.

A Diverse Menu

ristorante-paoletti-chicken-dish-150x150 Ristorante Paoletti: One of the Best Restaurant Dining ExperiencesRistorante Paoletti

Paoletti’s menu boasts several choices for those who want to enjoy their meals while enjoying a fantastic Italian dining experience.  The restaurant offers a wide variety of chicken dishes, such as the Panetonne marinated in leek and garlic before being pan-fried.  The La Costiera Carbonara is a traditional Roman recipe made using fresh pasta and butter for pasta lovers.  The result is an aromatic yet tender piece of chicken accompanied by broccoli and potatoes.  Paoletti also offers a very delicious pastrami pizza that is made with fresh mushrooms and goat cheese.

An Inclusive Wine List

Paoletti also offers an extensive wine list, which features many different varieties from around the world.  With this broad selection, guests are sure to find a bottle that will satisfy even the most discriminating palates.  Some of the more famous wine selections include Merlot, Pinot Noir, Riesling, Chardonnay, Zinfandel and Pinot Grigio.  There is also a wide assortment of delicious appetizers, desserts, cheeses and speciality meals such as lasagna.  Paoletti offers an open sign on Sunday’s and Friday’s for taking out food only but will make special requests for parties and private events.

The Room Services

ristorante-paoletti-pasta-meal-300x200 Ristorante Paoletti: One of the Best Restaurant Dining ExperiencesRistorante Paoletti

Ristorante Paoletti has four different room service options, but they do not make it easy for people with little children.  The dining experience can be enjoyable for adults because of the high-quality food, wine and service.  Guests often have a blast waiting for their table, which is available twenty-four hours a day.  Some of the other great restaurant chains only have their take out services during certain hours of the day.  Paoletti has an entire staff of professionals who are available twenty-four hours a day to ensure that all of your dining needs are filled and that you have a wonderful and memorable dining experience at Paoletti.

The Experience You May Never Forget

Paoletti is one of the places you would not want to miss if you plan a night out with friends or family.  The atmosphere is extremely casual, and there is very little formal wear or sophistication.  If you want a quiet, intimate, enjoyable meal, this may be the perfect choice for you and your friends or family.  Paoletti truly deserves every star, even though it sometimes receives fewer than average reviews.  For a full menu and making reservations, visit Ristorante Paoletti online.  https://Paolettis.com