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Marrakech: Morocco’s Red City

A colorful, bursting metropolis within the North African country of Morocco, Marrakech (otherwise known as Marrakesh), is a cultural and trading epicenter.  Often referred to as the “Red City,” the bustling city of Marrakech is uniformly colored in a pinkish salmon hue and serving as a magnificent accent for the desert African paradise.

29-300x221 Marrakech: Morocco's Red CityTravelers to Marrakech will fall in love with the colorful city.  The city architecture and style is unique blending African, French, Indian and Arabian influences to create a style that is distinctly Morocco.  City streets are dotted with palm trees; a city ordinance does not allow any building to be taller than the palm trees (making an exception for the Koutoubia Mosque), creating an even, pink skyline and allowing for picturesque moments as travelers traverse the busy streets and marketplaces.  Travelers will enjoy the unforgettable experience of immersing themselves in the Moroccan oasis of Marrakech.

Among the many incredible sights to enjoy while visiting Marrakech travelers won’t want to miss out on the following:

  • The Medina

47-300x192 Marrakech: Morocco's Red CityTravelers may want to carve out an entire day to fully appreciate the shops and storefronts of the Marrakech medina.  The bustling Medina Quarter is comprised of a maze like labyrinth of shops and stands.  Visitors of the medina bazaar will quickly get lost in a cultural immersion as they peruse the native Moroccan textiles, fabrics, furniture, designer pieces, embroidered clothing, spices and cuisine.

  • Jardin Majorelle

77-300x200 Marrakech: Morocco's Red CityFrench painter Jacques Majorelle spent forty years creating the metropolis of Jardin Majorelle and his hard work was not in vain.  The glorious garden exudes beauty blending the city’s French and Moroccan roots to create a fragrant and magnificent botanical garden.  Travelers will enjoying browsing through the garden’s exotic plants including water lilies, various species of palms and tranquil fountains interspersed throughout.

67-300x225 Marrakech: Morocco's Red CityRenowned French fashion designer, Yves Saint Laurent and French industrialist Pierre Bergé  purchased the nearby villa in 1980 and dedicated themselves to preserving the beautiful garden.  Jardin Majorelle stands today as a popular tourist attraction that showcases the beauty of the magnificent oasis, Marrakech.

  • Koutoubia Mosque

mosque-300x199 Marrakech: Morocco's Red CityThe Marrakech city ordinance does not allow for very tall buildings although an exception was made for the city’s Koutoubia Mosque.  The gorgeous mosque towers over the city in the traditional salmon hue.  While entrance to the mosque is strictly prohibited to only Muslims, the perimeter around the site makes for a great afternoon walk.

  • Lotus Club

86-300x199 Marrakech: Morocco's Red CityThe Lotus Club is the perfect reprieve for travelers looking to let loose after a long day exploring Marrakech’s many historical and cultural offerings.  The club is decorated with dark wood, velvety furnishings and modern art work that is reminiscent of a club you may visit in France.  Travelers may enjoy an eclectic array of cuisine boasting Asian and Mediterranean influences, while spending the evening dancing and listening to live music.

  • Maison de la Photographie

102-300x200 Marrakech: Morocco's Red CityTranslated in English as “The House of Photography” this wondrous gallery/ museum holds more than 4,500 images with some photographs dating back to the 1800’s.  The museum showcases Morocco over the centuries and, according to Lonely Planet is the result of a collaboration between Parisians Patrick Meac’h and Marrakshi Hamid Mergani who joined their collected images together to create the museum.  Visiting the museum allows for a relaxing afternoon.

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