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Philadelphia – The Horse-Drawn Carriage Tours

philadelphia Philadelphia - The Horse-Drawn Carriage Tours

The City Of Philadelphia

Philadelphia is a beautiful city that’s rich in history.  Enjoy all of the sights and sounds through a horse-drawn carriage tour.  Taking an old-fashioned carriage ride is the best way to appreciate the beauty and historical significance of one of America’s greatest places.  You’ll learn so much about the City of Brotherly Love and make memories that will last a lifetime.  Here are some popular spots you’ll see on horse-drawn carriage tours in Philadelphia:

1.     Independence Hall

hall Philadelphia - The Horse-Drawn Carriage Tours

Independence Hall

Philadelphia’s Independence National Historical Park plays a big role in the typical itinerary of a carriage tour.  In this park, you’ll see Independence Hall, which is where the Declaration of Independence was debated and eventually adopted.  Our Founding Fathers did great work within those hallowed walls building what would be the foundation of principles that would be cherished.  This building was restored in 1950 to mimic the structure’s appearance in 1776.  Make sure to notice the stunning exterior as you grasp the historical impact of this well-liked attraction.

2.     The Liberty Bell

liberty-bell Philadelphia - The Horse-Drawn Carriage Tours

The Liberty Bell

You’ll also pass by the Liberty Bell as your carriage makes its way through Independence National Historical Park.  This magnificent city centerpiece is one of the nation’s most recognized landmarks.  The clapper broke the bell during the first use and the crack can still be seen today.  An inscription from Leviticus says, “Proclaim Liberty throughout all the Land unto all the Inhabitants thereof.”   It’s a beautiful proclamation that embodies our nation’s ideals.  No carriage tour would be complete without a glance at this American symbol of freedom.  The Liberty Bell will remind you of the proud heritage of the United States.

3.     Society Hill

society-hill-300x215 Philadelphia - The Horse-Drawn Carriage Tours

Society Hill

History buffs will love the distinct architecture of Society Hill.  This neighborhood was recently restored to preserve the charm of the historic district.  You’ll see a variety of 18th  century homes and churches on your route.  From the cobblestone streets to the authentic row houses, Society Hill is full of visual appeal.  Taking a carriage tour through this portion of Philadelphia is the ideal approach for viewing the picturesque landscape.  You can travel in style as you gaze at the antique designs and take in the delightful scenery.

4.     Betsy Ross House

betsy-ross-house-300x244 Philadelphia - The Horse-Drawn Carriage Tours

Betsy Ross House

   No trip to Philadelphia would be complete without visiting the Betsy Ross House.  Your carriage tour will pass right by the home of this country’s most famous seamstress.  Several sources credit Betsy Ross with designing and sewing the first American flag.  The vibrant stars and stripes soon became an iconic part of the nation’s history.  You’ll likely see “Old Glory” flapping in the wind as your horse-drawn carriage makes its way down the street.

horse-drawn-new-300x166 Philadelphia - The Horse-Drawn Carriage Tours

Horse-drawn Carriage

Philadelphia is one of the best cities in the United States for horse-drawn carriage tours.  Let a gorgeous horse and a classic coach give you a ride you’ll never forget.  A tour guide will give you valuable information about all the popular spots on this list.  You’re sure to learn all you need to know about Philly’s wonderful traditions and culture.  Book a horse-drawn carriage tour today and your vacation will certainly be one to remember!

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