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For those who wish to experience their own Pirates of the Caribbean adventure, Haiti is the place to start.  Occupying one-third of the Hispaniola Island, Haiti is a country that is guaranteed to shock and awe.  The rustic island is as tragedy-scarred as it is tenacious, and it definitely holds all of the classic characteristics of a Caribbean destination.  Escape the capricious weather in your own country and hit the mountains and beaches of Haiti, cooling off in a beautiful place.

Travelling in Haiti

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While Haiti is a very beautiful nation, it is also really poor.  Even so, for those who are patient enough to listen, Haiti has a rich culture to share and an incredible history to reveal.  However, it is recommended that first time Haiti travelers stay in resorts and visit richer areas, such as Petionville.  

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At the same time, a travel experience in Haiti is much more satisfying when led by an experienced guide (this includes a local, a church clerk or a friend you made while travelling).  It’s much safer to experience dinners, pubs or strolls into town with a trusted Haitian to act as a guide. 

Walking on Haitian Sunshine

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The climate in Haiti is somewhere between tropical and semiarid – the mountains situated in the east help in cutting off trade winds.  While Haiti is generally a sunny area, it is still in the centre of the hurricane belt, being subjected to significant storms all the way from June to November.  Due to the fact that the weather is rather unpredictable, it is important that travelers bring first aid kits which include lighters, flashlights and bottled water.

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While Haiti opens up to the sea in many areas, the terrain is mostly mountainous.  The island has a flat, wide central plain stretching in the north where tourists can find the highest point of Haiti, Chaine de la Selle (2,777m).  This kind of mountain terrain makes Haiti a perfect place for hiking and exploring.

Things to Do

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Provided you take the necessary precautions, you won’t have any lack of entertainment.  Here are just a few places you can visit:

  • Geele Beach: For music festival enthusiasts, this beach is home to many.  There are also a great number of bars nearby. 
  • La Citadelle: For history buffs, this one is the biggest fortress’ in the entire Western Hemisphere.  Visit by foot or horesback riding and witness the old weaponry and cannonballs.
  • The Jacmel Boardwalk: A beautiful place to enjoy a nice view of the beach, find vendors and watch street performances.
  • Saut-D’eau: This is a beautiful waterfall found near the Port-Au-Prince, and it’s a religious place for the voudoun believers of Haiti. 

Overall, Haiti is a beautiful place filled with history. Travel around, take pictures and enjoy the sun kissing your skin, because while this country went through a lot, it also has plenty to offer.

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