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Fiji: South Pacific’s Premier Paradise


Paradise awaits in the tropical wonderland of the South Pacific.  The region of Melanesia is home to four stunning countries – Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, and Fiji.  The island country of Fiji is a vast archipelago; comprised of 332 mountainous forest islands, each boasting a warm climate, turquoise blue waters, and white sand beaches.  Fiji is undoubtedly a perfect destination for tropical relaxation, eco-exploration and adventurous water sports.

12-300x200 Fiji: South Pacific's Premier ParadiseOne of the world’s exporters of sugar cane it’s rather easy to understand that Fiji has a “sweet” reputation among vacationers.  The island country offers an immense amount of relaxing reprieves for weary travelers by providing restoration and rejuvenation with its beautiful scenery, untouched waters and fragrant vegetation.  Fiji is an easy layover for travelers who want to stop in on their way to or from New Zealand and/or Australia.

banana-boat-300x199 Fiji: South Pacific's Premier ParadiseIn Fiji, there is truly something for everyone.  Tourists may relax in the shade of palm trees, peruse the island’s botanical gardens, and snorkel or dive among magnificent coral reefs and sea turtles.  More adventurous vacationers will enjoy partaking in Fiji’s various water sports.

flyboarding-300x202 Fiji: South Pacific's Premier ParadiseThe company Tropical Water Sports Fiji offers daily rentals for water exploration including snorkeling material, jet skis, banana boat rides, and even flyboarding; an inventive new sport that simulates surfing in the sky.  Flyboarding is a favorite among adrenaline junkies who love the feeling of being propelled into the air courtesy of a water jet pack that is attached to their body and uses water propulsion to propel them to new heights.
62-300x225 Fiji: South Pacific's Premier ParadiseVisitors to Fiji are often taken aback by the island country’s natural, unscathed beauty.  Cascading waterfalls, etched seaside cliffs and serene lagoons enrapture their senses and offer a breathtaking repose.  Tourists who want to further explore the tropical paradise may choose to book a trip with Rivers Fiji, an ecotourism company that leads whitewater excursions through Wainikoroiluva (‘Luva) River and Upper Navua Gorge.
72-300x207 Fiji: South Pacific's Premier ParadiseThe trip down ‘Luva River is a blend of adventure and culture offering a behind the scenes view of Fiji’s inner workings.  Rivers Fiji takes travelers on a cultural sojourn delving into the Namosi Highlands, exploring a functioning village lead by a chief followed by kayaking and culminating with a glorious hike that leads to a refreshing waterfall.

gorge-300x169 Fiji: South Pacific's Premier ParadiseThe tour through the Upper Navua Gorge is highly popularized and was voted by Outside Magazine as one of the 30 Most Incredible Trips to Take in 2015.  The 18 mile gorge is a tropical Grand Canyon of sorts filled with dense rain forest, lined with waterfalls and met with white water rapids to traverse and explore.  Guests will fall further in love with the glorious island country of Fiji and leave exhilarated by culture and the thrill of white water rafting in one of nature’s most serene locations.

42-300x226 Fiji: South Pacific's Premier ParadiseAdrenalin Fiji is another Fijian tourist water sport company and, as the name implies, offers a host of stimulating experiences including scuba diving, game fishing and parasailing as well as more relaxing activities including village tours and luxury charters for cruising.  Budget and resort travelers alike will benefit from the company’s diverse offerings which allow tourists to get up close and personal with the resplendent, surreal islands of Fiji.

To learn more about Fiji visit TripAdvisor.

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  • Incredible pictures you have there. I did not know Fiji was so beautiful. No wonder everybody plans to visit this place someday.

  • Fiji, I think, is the destination for just about anyone looking for an exotic venture. I will check it out for sure.