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Dancing for a Cure: Brenda’s 14th Annual Breast Cancer Dance Benefit!

Brenda Lee Stewart Breast Cancer Dance Benefit

Brenda Lee Stewart - Annual Breast Cancer BenefitBrenda Lee Stewart was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2002.  Through the dedication and work of skilled physicians, nurses, numerous medical professionals, and state-of-the-art hospitals and medical facilities, Brenda Stewart survived.  Brenda has received extensive information and assistance in her journey, all of which have helped her to survive this life-threatening disease that affects so many today.  Her goal is to give back by supporting Breastcancer.org with her annual Breast Cancer Benefit.  Supporters can enjoy an afternoon of food, drink, and dancing in order to raise money and awareness for this vitally important cause.

Where and When

Brenda Stewart Breast Cancer Awareness DanceBrenda’s 14th Annual Breast Cancer Dance Benefit will take place Sunday, October 23, 2015 from 2 until 6pm.  It will be a tremendous event and more and more women who suffer from Breast Cancer will be impacted.   The event is going to be held at Holy Savior Club in Norristown, PA.  Tickets are available for sale for just $25 when prepaid and $30 at the door.  Sponsored by Brenda Stewart, the Annual Breast Cancer Dance Benefit event attracts many people who support due to this devastating disease.

14th Annual Breast Cancer Fundraiser

The Event

Brenda’s Annual Breast Cancer Dance Benefit is always a lively and spirited event, centered around great music and dancing.  It is a celebration of life, as much as it is a chance to help others who are fighting breast cancer.  Area supporters donate food for attendees and there is a cash bar.  One of the benefits of the event is the silent auction.  Participants raise money during the Benefit by bidding on donated items.  The benefit also features raffle giveaways.  Raffle tickets can be purchased before and during the event.

About BreastCancer.org

BreastCancer.org is one of the biggest supports for women facing breast cancer.  The organization is dedicated to providing women and their families with up-to-date information about all aspects of this disease.  As a non-profit organization, BreastCancer.org relies on the support of individuals like Brenda, foundations, corporations and you.  BreastCancer.org helps women make decisions about their lives and treatment by helping them understand the complicated medical information they receive.

Brenda Stewart Breast Cancer Awareness DanceEach year BreastCancer.org helps roughly 10 million women obtain the medical information and support they need to face their disease armed with knowledge.  The organization reminds women that they are not alone.  By empowering patients and their families, BreastCancer.org makes a difference for thousands of lives just as it has done for Brenda and her family.

Attend Brenda’s 14th  Annual Breast Cancer Dance Benefit Fundraiser

Brenda Stewart Breast Cancer Awareness DanceMark your calendar to attend Brenda’s 14th Annual Breast Cancer Benefit on October 23rd.  Please help Brenda spread the word by sharing information about the event with your family, friends and colleagues.  Brenda’s 14th Annual Breast Cancer Dance Benefit can help and support so many others as they battle this difficult and deadly disease.  Brenda routinely tells supporters of her Benefit just how much BreastCancer.org has meant to her and her family.

Brenda Lee Stewart - Annual Breast Cancer Benefit If you can not attend Brenda’s 13th Annual Fundraiser, you can still support her cause. BreastCancer.org accepts donations at any time.  Feel free to contact Brenda via her Facebook page to find out how you can support the Annual Breast Cancer Benefit. You may also find out more about the event via the official Facebook Event page or on Google+. Breast cancer sufferers and their families need your help; any amount you can donate can help a struggling and frightened family.

Click below for a taste of what it’s like at these benefits:

Line dancing at Brenda’s Benefit

Hustle & Line dancing @ Brenda’s FUNdraiser

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