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Run Lodge to Lodge on Oregon’s Rogue River

The Adventure of a Lifetime

If you love adventure travel and the great outdoors, the state of Oregon is the place to be.   Oregon is known for its imposing mountains, its scenic vistas and its breathtaking beauty.

rogue-river-trail-300x200 Run Lodge to Lodge on Oregon's Rogue River

Rogue River trail

If you are planning a trip to Oregon and want to take your adventure to the next level, you can have the holiday of a lifetime with a lodge to lodge run on the famous Rogue River.   The Rogue River Trail is one of the most famous with avid hikers, runners and lovers of the outdoors, and there is no better way to see it than with an exhilarating lodge to lodge run.

gallery1-4-300x201 Run Lodge to Lodge on Oregon's Rogue River

Luxury lodge near Oregon River

A lodge to lodge run on the Rogue River provides the perfect combination of pampering and outdoor adventure.   When you sign up for this unique challenge, you will start each day refreshed and relaxed from your night at a luxury lodge.   You can enjoy the world-class amenities of a luxury lodge, then head out into the wilds of Oregon for a different kind of fun.

Outdoor1-300x220-300x220 Run Lodge to Lodge on Oregon's Rogue River

The mountains and rivers, Oregon

Once you hit the trail, you will be awed and inspired by the beauty of nature all around you.   No matter where you choose to start and end your lodge to lodge run, you will be surrounded by majestic mountain peaks, lakes of pure running water and the lush forestland for which Oregon is so well known.

My-Town-Portland-Forest-Park-2-300x200 Run Lodge to Lodge on Oregon's Rogue River

Trail Running by the Oregon River

If you are a serious trail runner, you can time yourself and challenge yourself to set a new time record on each day of your journey.   You may even improve your fitness level on the journey, making your next adventure easier and more fun.



wildlifesafari450-300x200 Run Lodge to Lodge on Oregon's Rogue River

The wildlife safari in state of Oregon

If you are more concerned with the beauty of nature than the time on the stopwatch, you can still enjoy a wonderful lodge to lodge run.  Feel free to take the time to explore the surrounding woodlands and take lots of pictures as you go.   The state of Oregon is famous for its wildlife, from huge whitetail deer and elk to bears, wolves and a plethora of small furry creatures.  You can meet them all during your trip and come home with plenty of tales from your Oregon adventure.

homeslides_2_cropto_880x500-300x170 Run Lodge to Lodge on Oregon's Rogue River

An Incredible lodging available while your trip to Oregon River

One of the best things about the lodge to lodge running adventure is the fact that you can end each day’s adventure with a good night’s sleep on a real bed.   While roughing it can be fun, when you are on vacation you want to relax, unwind and truly enjoy the great outdoors.   By starting and ending each new day with a hot shower, fluffy pillows and soft bed, you can recharge your batteries and get ready for the next day’s run.

RogueRiver014-300x225 Run Lodge to Lodge on Oregon's Rogue River

Rogue River Trail

Enjoying your lodge to lodge running adventure on the famous Rogue River Trail just adds to the excitement of the journey.   For many years the Rogue River Trail was the only way in and out of the surrounding canyon lands.  First built in the early days of the 20th century, the Rogue River Trail was created by homesteaders and miners and used to traverse the harsh terrain.

Rogue_River_Oregon_USA-300x200 Run Lodge to Lodge on Oregon's Rogue RiverEven today, the terrain on the Rogue River Trail can be challenging.  That is why serious runners and avid hikers from around the country and throughout the world love to come here.   If you love the outdoors, you owe it to yourself to explore the Rogue River trail with a lodge to lodge run.  It is truly the adventure of a lifetime.


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  • One has to have a hard time commenting on Oregon. The entire state is just so beautiful. And the vistas are incredible. You should check it out for sure.