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Patti Lattanzi, Billy Carlucci & The Gang Show

Patti Lattanzi, Billy Carlucci and The Gang Show
on-air Patti Lattanzi, Billy Carlucci & The Gang Show

WVLT Cruisin’ 92.1

The Patti Lattanzi, Billy Carlucci and The Gang Show originally started more than a decade ago in 2001.  Airing out of New Jersey on WVLT Cruisin’ 92.1, it continues to enjoy a good fan base and big audiences with a mixed – although certainly not regrettable – variety of entertainment.

filomeno-perform Patti Lattanzi, Billy Carlucci & The Gang Show

Live Performace At Filomena Cucina Rustica

The Patti Lattanzi Billy Carlucci and the Gang radio program is taped live each Tuesday evening from 8:30-9:30 at Filomena Cucina Rustica Bar & Lounge.  The atmosphere at Filomena is incredibly relaxed, making it a wonderful setting for the show.  Patti, Billy and the rest of the crew sound like longtime friends connecting over good food and drinks – because that’s exactly what the program is based around.  This impression of authenticity fits the “oldies” theme of WVLT, reminding listeners of a simpler, less hurried time when auto-tune wasn’t automatically applied to artists’ tracks.  This authenticity reverberates into the audience, as fans slowly let the stress of their lives melt away for an hour by responding to the show with carefree enthusiasm.  As Patti does a great job of keeping things stress-free by rolling with the punches while maintaining experienced professionalism, she seems well aware of her role as “Intensity Control Manager”.   She thoughtfully arranges the appearances of guests so that the energy level stays consistent.

10953169_868660636526398_7675752577067200670_o-300x225 Patti Lattanzi, Billy Carlucci & The Gang Show

Each week the Patti Lattanzi Billy Carlucci & The Gang Show hosts a variety of guest entertainers.  Most are of considerable talent, although as in the case of any variety show, some are admittedly better than others.  With local performers likes of Lou PachecoGreg Martiello, Comedian Mike MarinoVic Rubino, Lou “The Shoe” Porecca, Sonny Barry, Mike Volpe, Greg Armstrong, Tommy Delcorio, Jr.,  Michael Jones, Bobby Valli and many more gracing the stage, entertainment levels are always energetic and inspiring.  Each booking stays true to the “variety” style of the program.  While the entertainment typically has a classic vibe, audiences are treated to everything from Sinatra-esque croonings to bluegrass to R&B.

10991353_854103141315481_9163983963446206741_n-225x300 Patti Lattanzi, Billy Carlucci & The Gang ShowDropping in to Filomena’s to watch and enjoy a taping of The Patti Lattanzi Billy Carlucci & the Gang Show is well worth the time.  You’ll hear wonderful musicians who have sincere love for their individual artistic styles as well as the music they perform.  Having a penchant for the oldies style, guests must be willing and open to the individual style of each artist – after all, that’s the unique and dynamic nature of the variety show genre.

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  • High quality entertainment is hard to find these days. But these two seem to have the product what looks like a variety show. Live and in NJ — wow.

  • A great way to enjoy your dinner alongside these guys. Great. Just great.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more, David. I am there almost every week enjoying the food, fun and favor of this great show. Tuesday night from 8:30-9:30 — Hope you can make it.