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Disney World – Orlando, Florida – A Mega Amusement Park

Let’s Explore Disney World A Mega-Amusement Park Since 1971

Located in the middle of Florida, Walt Disney’s dream of a mega-amusement park opened in 1971, and still entertains millions today. Disney World itself is comprised of the largest vacation resort in the world as well as the most visited theme park. With over 25,000 acres, Disney World contains four theme parks, twenty-four resorts on site, two water parks, a shopping and entertainment enclave, and for the golf fan, five pro courses and four mini-golf spots.

para-2-300x120 Disney World - Orlando, Florida - A Mega Amusement Park

The Mouse Magic

The first enclave of mouse magic is still the most popular, with Disney World’s Magic Kingdom drawing over 17 million visitors annually. In fact, it is the world’s most popular theme park. The park is built on over 107 acres and has themed lands including Adventureland, Liberty Square, Fantasyland, Tomorrowland, and Frontierland.  The ultimate tourist destination for families, Disney fans, and children of all ages, the Magic Kingdom is reached via the vast, man-made Seven Seas Lagoon Lake. Guests are ferried into the park by boat or monorail.

cindrella-castle-300x199 Disney World - Orlando, Florida - A Mega Amusement Park

Cindrella’s Castle

Guests first get a glimpse of the vast Cinderella Castle at the end of the park’s Main Street, one of the most photographed spots in the world. From the Enchanted Tiki Room to Tom Sawyer Island, Space Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Stitch’s Great Escape, there are rides to suit all ages here. The wonder and adventure of these and other iconic rides can be supplemented by attending special seasonal events like Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party or Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party.Naturally there have been many additions to the park since the Magic Kingdom took root, with three additional theme parks adding to the lure of the Disney resort.

epicot Disney World - Orlando, Florida - A Mega Amusement Park


Epcot is one addition, divided into Future World and World Showcase. The former features a variety of pavilions about the environment, imagination, energy, space, and technology. World Showcase pavilions represent 11 nations and their food, entertainment, and attractions. The most iconic feature of this brilliantly educational park is its geosphere Spaceship Earth. But Epcot is also the epicenter of nighttime entertainment with the famous Illuminations: Reflections of the Earth, is a firework and laser show held nightly at the World Showcase Lagoon.

disney-hollywood-studios-300x168 Disney World - Orlando, Florida - A Mega Amusement Park

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Disney World also contains Disney’s Hollywood Studios, a movie theme park with shows based on Disney hits like Frozen, and thrill rides such as Toy Story Mania. There’s also a themed area devoted entirely to Pixar movies.

animal-kingdom Disney World - Orlando, Florida - A Mega Amusement Park

Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Disney’s Animal Kingdom is a hit for animal lovers, with interactive rides through live animal habitats and even a roller coaster that simulates an expedition to Mt. Everest.

blizzard-beach-300x225 Disney World - Orlando, Florida - A Mega Amusement Park

Blizzard Beach And Typhoon Lagoon

Warm weather visitors will love the water parks Disney World has to offer, such as Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon. The former depicts  a Florida ski resort – after the snow has melted. Typhoon Lagoon is a beach supposedly created by a typhoon. The Disney imagination never gets water-logged.

Along with these theme park attractions, Downtown Disney offers shopping, nightlife, and dining options including the LEGO Imagination Store and an outpost of the Rainforest Café.

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  • I have not had the opportunity to visit Disney World yet, but from what I have read here, it seems to be huge and a must visit someday.

  • An incredible adventure of a life-time for sure. Can`t wait until I can check it out for myself.