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Barbados: Tropical Restoration


There are trips and then there are vacations.  Assuredly, a visit to Barbados is the latter.  While some trips can leave travelers exhausted and spent, a vacation to Barbados will revitalize, heal and restore.

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Part of the British Commonwealth yet regarded as an independent island nation, Barbados is an island in the Caribbean Sea, and is perhaps the most popular tourist destination in a row of tropical islands lying just north of the South America’s Venezuela.  Explorers and vacationers have been sojourning to the island for centuries, having long believed that the island’s tranquil countenance and natural beauty are restorative.  The island’s white sand beaches, a warm climate and crystal clear water offered healing to the sick and strength to the weary.  European travelers have held this belief since the 17th century, and it has stood the test of time as the island remains a relaxing tourist destination.

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In his article “The Salubrious Climate: Barbados’ original touristic product,” Miguel Pena of the website Business Barbados explains that as people began to learn of the healing benefits of spas and exercise, they sought out destinations such as Barbados to aid in their restoration.  Barbados simulates a spa-like experience boasting a “warm climate constantly refreshed by breezes from the sea,” as stated by Pena.
Visitors vacationing on the island for health related reasons observed markedly improved conditions, especially those suffering from pulmonary ailments.  The island’s gorgeous natural scenery and soothing ocean ambiance proves to lower the blood pressure of some people, alleviating stress and promoting relaxation.  The island is home to several resorts including the world famous Atlantis Hotel Barbados and  The Crane, the latter of which is known as the Caribbean’s first resort hotel.

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Barbados vacationers will enjoy taking in the island’s beauty and can immerse themselves by seabathing – a practice involving wading in the clear coastal waters while digging their toes in the white sand.  Big city visitors are especially enraptured with the simple act of sea bathing, as it allows them to gain a new-found acquaintance with nature and take a moment to set their thoughts captive as they concentrate on the rippling currents and sea breezes.  Among the many reasons people visit Barbados, its natural climate remains the most popular.

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Barbados also boasts a wealth of activities for tourists to enjoy.  Among its many natural wonders, adventurous travelers may choose to visit Harrison’s Cave, a massive and intricate cave system that is filled with wondrous geological formations, streams, shafts and tunnels.

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For those looking to take a break from relaxing at the beach, the Welchman Gully is not to be missed.  The gully is a geological wonder which, according to the Welchman Gully website, was formed by the collapsed roofs of former caves.  The gully offers hikers and nature enthusiasts a tropical forest to explore.  Its exotic plants, native palms and other flora and fauna provide a glimpse into the historic natural beauty of the island.  Exploration to the gully promotes preservation of this naturalized area whose plants and shrubbery have defied the effects of environmental damage and tampering.

Enrapture your senses and get lost in the unscathed beauty of Barbados.  To learn more about eco-tourism to the island of Barbados visit TripAdvisor or Barbados.org.

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