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Introducing Greg Armstrong: Crooning the Classic Hits 

264704_100194093488974_2110745436_n-1-300x233 Introducing Greg Armstrong: Crooning the Classic Hits For fans of legends like Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, Greg Armstrong is a regional New Jersey musician who sings the beloved old tracks that you probably know by heart, but love to hear time and again.  Greg plays at venues throughout New Jersey with a special emphasis on the Williamstown region. He plays regularly at Bella Sera, the popular authentic Italian eatery, as well as a myriad of fests and community musical events.  If you are a fan of those old standards, you should make plans to see an upcoming Greg Armstrong performance–and be sure to invite your family and friends to come along to enjoy his show too.

Homage to the Classic Crooners

Greg Armstrong delights fans of all ages with his classic hits showcase featuring the popular songs of artists like Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Elvis Presley.  These songs have timeless appeal and Greg performs them to perfection.  Having been a popular regional musician for decades, Greg has built up his repertoire to include a wide array of fan favorites.  If you love to hear these classic numbers performed live, you’ll want to catch Greg on stage.

A Community Favorite

11070539_468650113310035_1251542276425981757_n-300x260 Introducing Greg Armstrong: Crooning the Classic Hits As a popular local artist, Greg has a strong fan base that comes out to see him at local events.  You can see Greg perform each season at veterans’ events, church fests, ethnic festivals, community celebrations, and popular eateries, tap rooms, and clubs.  Greg often invites other area musicians to perform with him and is routinely featured by other musical shows and acts as well.  His place in the New Jersey music scene has long been cemented and he fills a wonderful niche by continuing to promote the music of classic American performers.

Where Is the Best Place to See Greg Armstrong Perform?

11151023_469633409878372_7095995587259226316_n-300x300 Introducing Greg Armstrong: Crooning the Classic Hits Because Greg performs at a wide array of venues, you can plan a great day or evening around his performance. When he plays at venues like Bella Sera or Wildwood’s Michelangelo’s Restaurant, you can plan a great night on the town to celebrate a special occasion or just to enjoy a great evening with family and friends.  Greg’s live musical act will complement your evening and he may even take requests!

1609718_334693393372375_1389795282151412761_n-225x300 Introducing Greg Armstrong: Crooning the Classic Hits When Greg performs at fests, you can enjoy his music along with a large crowd of other fans.  Whether he’s singing a hit first made famous by Sinatra or Bobby Darrin, you’ll find plenty of songs to enjoy that bring old memories to life while you create new ones by attending exciting regional events.

To keep up with Greg’s playing schedule, be sure to send a Facebook request.  He regularly posts where he’ll be playing on Facebook, so you can use the platform to see where he’ll be playing for weeks in advance.  He also shares information about many other local events he supports.

If you love those Mid-Century standards, you’ll definitely want to check out a Greg Armstrong performance as he brings them to life with his extraordinary voice and delightful performance.

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