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Donnah Lisa Campbell – a Bright Rising Star

In this age of America’s Got Talent and The Voice one thing has become increasingly apparent, talent can appear at any age, and one’s years is absolutely not indicative of one’s ability to touch hearts.  This has never been more evident than in the rising star who is Donnah Lisa Campbell; she released her Debut Album “Wonder Girl” in 2016.  While this album may be her first, her passion and talent shine out in every song, especially the eponymous “Wonder Girl” track.  With her clear voice and the sheer joy and energy she brings to her performance, it won’t be long before she becomes a household name in her New Jersey home, and from there the world is her oyster.

lissa-campell Donnah Lisa Campbell – a Bright Rising Star

The journey of this young girl with the powerful voice began in 2009, where she realized that her talent and love of the stage would need to be honed if she wanted to make a career doing what she loved. So began her tutelage under the inestimable Sal Dupree, a powerful presence in the entertainment industry who used his 55 years of experience in stage, film, and theater to refine what was clearly a natural talent.  He has produced an American Idol finalist and America’s Got Talent winner in his time, Mara Justine, Tiffany Evans and Bianca Ryan respectively, and is currently coaching CC Miles through the delicate early days of her career.

hqdefault-1 Donnah Lisa Campbell – a Bright Rising Star

Music runs in the Campbell family, and Donnah is simply following in her mother’s musical footsteps as she begins her own career.  Donnah’s mother presently performs in a band that is regularly seen on stage in the New Jersey area, which has made a significant contribution to Donnah’s passion.  “My mom plays a big part of my passion for music. “ reported Donnah, stating that “Her having a band, music was always around me growing up.”  This included her occasionally performing in the band, especially at parties and functions.  An important moment in her career was when she was invited to sing for the Lt. Governor of New Jersey at the Borgata Casino in Atlantic City for the Conference of Mayor’s in 2015 and 2016.

GJD_1427-1 Donnah Lisa Campbell – a Bright Rising Star

Given her growing body of accomplishments, it’s sometimes hard to remember that this musical powerhouse is only at the tender age of 14.  Her career already has seen more accomplishments and recognition than many who have been working at their career for decades, she’s even won the ‘Freehold Idol’ competition that was held for New Jersey singers age 10 and older.  She then went on to perform in ‘Ocean City’s Got Talent’ in 2014, gaining her the recognition of radio stations, fans, and those in the industry who recognize that this is a name to remember, and a voice that will take on the world in short time.

hqdefault Donnah Lisa Campbell – a Bright Rising Star

Donnah Lisa Campbell recording artist at Right Touch Studios.

Donnah has a busy schedule for one so young, constantly engaged in improving her art.  Vocal training and lessons in hip-hop and tap dancing at Miss Margot’s Ensemble Arts are just a part of her weekly schedule.  To say that she is talented and gifted is perhaps an understatement.  Donnah recently received several honors and opportunities:
Tonya Dorsey New Vision 2017 Recipient

Society of Abbruzi Region to be received on Oct. 29, 2017
Donnah Lisa is a straight “A” student receiving the top 10 academic award for both 7th & 8th grade.
Other awards received: Egregia Cum Laude, Summa Cum Laude, Chorus, Math Club & Caring Award.
In the Gifted And Talented Education program and a member of The National Junior Honor Society.
Most recently she performed “The National Anthem” at the Columbus Day Parade in Philadelphia 10/8/17.
Catch her performing with the Crests for a Doo-Wop dinner show in Delaware on Nov. 11, 2017.

She holds the power to take on the world with her voice, and she’s going to be a galvanizing and transformative element in the future of music. Donnah is just getting started, and her future is decidedly bright.  To book her or find out where she will be performing next, email her at scampbell5678@comcast.net

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  • This young lady is a star in the making. I can’t wait to see her get everything she imagined and more.