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Mara Justine – A Soulful Singer With A Superstar Future

11694847_410484259137602_3693889759138706642_n-1-248x300 Mara Justine - A Soulful Singer With A Superstar FutureWith a sensational and soulful voice rivaling some of the biggest female performers in the music industry, Mara Justine broke into the entertainment industry in 2014 at just 11-years of age. She has sung with her family, including four siblings who are also her biggest supporters, for as long as she can recall. With a deep commitment to family, Mara often dedicates her performances to her late grandmother. She has expressed that her grandmother was a wonderful inspiration who was incredibly proud of Mara’s accomplishments and vocal talent.

10559721_287279451458084_3045527755175559498_n-300x300 Mara Justine - A Soulful Singer With A Superstar FutureMara Justine’s career launched in a spectacular way in 2014. As an 11-year old contestant on NBC’s 9th season of ‘America’s Got Talent,’ Mara put her heart and soul into every performance, and successfully sung her way into a coveted Top 10 spot. One of her early performances was a captivating version of Kelly Clarkson’s 2004 hit, “Breakaway”.

As a season 9 contestant on ‘America’s Got Talent,’ Mara Justine also performed Jennifer Hudson’s “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going” to a rousing standing ovation. She now performs her compelling rendition of the hit song (originally sung by Jennifer Holliday in 1982’s Broadway musical ‘Dreamgirls’) to audiences everywhere.

Mara Justine’s powerful and deeply emotional cover of Pink’s “Pretty” was her final performance on the show. While unexpected technical and audio problems may have played a part in her exit, Mara’s rendition of Pink’s blockbuster hit ‘brought down the house’ and garnered a standing ovation from judges Howard Stern, Heidi Klum, ‘Spice Girl’ Mel B, and Howie Mandel.

A Star in the Making

150470_10151383015523402_799745727_n-300x236 Mara Justine - A Soulful Singer With A Superstar FutureMara embarked on her singing career by performing at numerous events in the Philadelphia and New Jersey area. Prior to her national debut on ‘America’s Got Talent’, a 9-year old Mara Justine competed on the local television show ‘Maury’s Most Talented Kids.’ proving that the young singing sensation was just beginning what appeared to be a long and promising career in the music industry.

1484518_360746974111331_3116019401005415587_n-300x200 Mara Justine - A Soulful Singer With A Superstar FutureTo foster her musical career, Mara Justine received vocal lessons and training from Sal Dupree of the Dupree Center for the Performing Arts. As an accomplished entertainer, performer and voice instructor for over 45 years, Sal has coached and encouraged this gifted young singer in refining her intrinsic vocal talent. Mara continues her training with Sal Dupree today.

In July of 2015, Mara Justine released her self-titled debut album, a seven-song recording which is available on iTunes, Spotify and CD Baby.

Mara also successfully auditioned in 2018 for the 16th season of ‘American Idol’. Her compelling vocal performances and magnetic stage performances carried her to the Top 14. As Mara Justine’s career continues to expand, we look forward to watching what the future holds for this beautiful singing sensation.

There’s More to Mara Justine than Her Voice

Screen-Shot-2023-04-18-at-3.34.03-PM-300x300 Mara Justine - A Soulful Singer With A Superstar Future

Photo courtesy: Instagram @marajustine1

On a philanthropic level, Mara Justine has developed special passion for the ongoing struggles associated with families and persons coping with the debilitating effects of autism. She is a powerful advocate and supporter of the annual Elephants for Autism Indie Music Festival held each year in early August at The Boneyard in Atlantic City.  roceeds from the festival go toward free music lessons to children with special needs/autism, and the purchase of musical instruments for The Archway School.  Read more about Autism detection and treatment options here.

Follow Mara Justine on Tic Toc, Instagram and Facebook to stay current with her performances and her career.

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  • Her voice is incredible. Very nice to see that she broke out of America`s Got Talent and did her own thing. Congrats!

  • We, my wife and I, follow Mara Justine all through season 9. Mara was right on the verge of being a superstar, we were rooting for her all the way. We were disappointed, very disappointed when the technical problems cause her to lose her spot in the finals. We have wondered what Mara has done since being on America’s got talent.

    • You can follow Mara Justine on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MaraJustine1/

      She’s always doing something wonderful.

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PWDM7cIKkSk is her journey and result on American Idol 2018. She had earned a seat and although she didn’t make the top 10, she isn’t done by any means. She had performed practically flawlessly in every performance. In each of her performances, she showed poise and class like no other. In fact, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie both said that they couldn’t imagine how she sang through the pressure and “What is wrong with America?”