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Rev. Patricia Figuccio – A Spiritual Commitment to Healing and Wellness

Patricia Figuccio

“Knowledge is power and with the right knowledge you have the power to heal thy self,” is the motto of Rev. Patricia Figuccio, who has dedicated her life to the teaching of health and healing principles to better the lives of all people.

In Search of Health

413-300x300 Rev. Patricia Figuccio - A Spiritual Commitment to Healing and WellnessFor over 14 years, Patricia has been active in the community of health and wellness practitioners.  She has traveled the world with various doctors in search of healing modalities, both for the betterment of her congregants and for all those who desire to learn how to improve their health.  Because of her own experience with cancer, she is able to empathize and offer compassion to those who are suffering.  Patricia has dedicated her life to teaching men and women what she has learned on her own journey to wellness.  She continues to stay abreast on all the newest information regarding health and healing as it evolves and is diligent in educating herself and others about the newest and most successful healing modalities available.  Through her travels around the world, Patricia has shared her blessings and knowledge with men and women from many countries.  She has met with presidents, dignitaries, celebrities, and has been interviewed on television programs.  She discusses the importance of good nutrition and how it relates to disease. She provides many self-help tips to individuals suffering with health issues.

University of Health & Spiritual Sciences (UHSS) and Angel Healing International
314 Rev. Patricia Figuccio - A Spiritual Commitment to Healing and WellnessRev. Figuccio’s ultimate goal is to reach and educate people around the world so they can continue to share the knowledge with others one-on-one, thereby increasing the spread of health and wellness and enlarging the community.  Patricia is a Nutritional Consultant, Esthetician, Certified Phlebotomy Technician (CPT), Certified Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA), Certified Auriculotherapist and a Certified Medical Investigator.

Additionally, Patricia holds a Bachelor in Health Sciences and is currently completing her Naturopathic Medical Degree.  Patricia’s completed mentor-ships in “The Role of Energy in Psychotherapy,” as well as “Voice Dialogue and its Application in Psychotherapy,” have aided her in reaching the educational goals she desires for her students, in order to share what they have learned with others.  Her credentials are mounting and enabling her to serve people in an even greater capacity. Patricia co-hosted the annual Classics4Cancer event in Glen Cove, NY with actor and human rights activist Danny Glover in July of 2015.

Helping Others

215-300x225 Rev. Patricia Figuccio - A Spiritual Commitment to Healing and WellnessPatricia’s own experience with cancer was the impetus for her to study and learn how health and spirituality work together for the betterment of mankind.  Her love of humanity and desire to see all persons experience the health and wellness that her knowledge can bring is why she travels to far-distant parts of the world.  She has worked with actor and director Danny Glover to raise money for stem cell research, has spoken at many benefits for cancer, and spent time in the mountains of Peru treating villagers with volunteer doctors from all parts of the world.

The work of Rev. Patricia Figuccio comes at a time many people in the world are suffering physically.  Her ability to teach and train people in the knowledge of spirituality and health is spreading the message of wellness and allowing healing to take place all over the world.


  • I am humbled by your kind words and Thank you for sharing this.. I truly have been blessed and in return, I will dedicate my days to sharing Knowledge.. Knowledge is truly Power and with the right knowledge you have the power to heal thy self…

  • Her main motto is really inspiring. Nice spin on what others moan and groan about. Congrats!