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The Cross – Country Ride & its Adventure

What I Learned from My Cross-Country Ride  

The warm breezes of summer are creeping across the USA as spring settles in from coast to coast. After a long winter of shoveling, bundling up, and driving bulky SUVs through the snow, it’s time to get those motorcycles out and hit the open road. There is no greater way to connect with America’s highways and biways than traveling across the country on a motorcycle.  You’ll feel every bump in the road, sure, but you’ll also have the chance to feel the wind smack your face and enjoy the warmth of spring and summer as you ride from one coast to another. 

Focus on Your Interests

Yellowstone-Mountain-Biking-300x180 The Cross - Country Ride & its Adventure

Yellowstone Mountain Biking

I enjoy the beauty and humid breezes of America’s coastal towns, especially throughout the South.  My trek took me down the Georgia coast and then westward across Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, and onto New Orleans and Houston along I-10.  The Gulf of Mexico wasn’t always in sight, but when it was time to pull over for the night, beachside accommodations and warm, salty breezes were never far away. Wherever you plan to go, try to tie your interests into your trip.  If you’re a fan of America’s national parks, consider traveling throughout the Midwest to Montana’s Yellowstone National Park.  Whatever your interests are, let them guide your travel plans as you cross the country on your bike. 

Establish Traveling Ground Rules  

BikeTrail-300x225 The Cross - Country Ride & its Adventure

Bike Trailing In Beloxi

If you don’t slow down and smell the roses, you’ll never get the most out of your trip.  It is easy to get wrapped up in the roar of your bike and the whip of the wind in your face, but don’t allow yourself to get carried away.  I didn’t want to miss a moment on my trip along the southern coast, so I limited the number of miles I covered in a given day.  This allowed me to enjoy Jacksonville and the Atlantic Ocean, take in the sights in Biloxi, MS, and spend some quality time in the French Quarter in New Orleans.

Build in Downtime  

bike-riding-300x225 The Cross - Country Ride & its Adventure

Bike Riding In All Weathers

My trek along the south coast was great, but that humid environment is well known for its thunderstorms and rainy days.  As I planned out my trip, I forgot to think about the impact of weather.  I lost two days on my trip because the rain was simply too heavy to continue riding.  If you don’t plan for the weather, or a bike breakdown, you may find yourself rushing through your trip. 

These are just a few anecdotes from my travels along the south coast of the U.S. Overall, my trip was a great success, in part because I followed some of my own advice above.  Traveling by bike is a joy, but preparation was essential to the success of my trip.


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