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Al Dar Restaurant – The Unique Taste Of Middle Eastern Cuisine

A Truly Unique Dining Experience – A Look at the Al Dar Restaurant 

If you are looking for a truly unique way to spend a pleasant evening, just head over to Bala Cynwyd, PA for a stop at the Al Dar Restaurant.  This fantastic eatery has become an institution in the Philadelphia area, drawing in diners from throughout the region.

aldar Al Dar Restaurant - The Unique Taste Of  Middle Eastern Cuisine

Al Dar Bistro

  When you stop by for a bite to eat, you will understand what all the fuss is about. You will probably see plenty of cars in the parking lot when you arrive – the Al Dar Restaurant is crowded and busy every night of the week. When you walk through the doors, you will understand what drew so many people to Bala Cynwyd even on a weeknight.

al-dar-bistro-2 Al Dar Restaurant - The Unique Taste Of  Middle Eastern Cuisine

The dining area @ Al Dar

The owners of the Al Dar Restaurant have worked hard to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.  They treat every guest like family, and it shows in the loyal patronage they have been able to create through the years. The warm and welcoming atmosphere may draw diners through the doors of the Al Dar Restaurant, but it is the food that gets them to stay.  The food is so spectacular that the Al Dar Restaurant has become a favorite among the well-heeled Main Line crowd. Those wealthy patrons could dine anywhere, but they choose to spend their time – and their money – at the Al Dar Restaurant in Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania. 

fresh-pita-and-oil Al Dar Restaurant - The Unique Taste Of  Middle Eastern Cuisine

Fresh pits bread and oil speciality

That says a lot about the restaurant, and you will not want to leave once you have dined there.  The good news is you do not have to leave early. In fact, the night is just getting started. Before you head out for the night, you absolutely must stop by the bar. At Al Dar Restaurant, the bar is much more than a mere afterthought —  it is an integral part of the dining experience.  Long-time fans of the Al Dar Restaurant would not dream of leaving Bala Cynwyd without a stop at the bar and a chat with the man known as the best bartender in the area.

the-bar-at-aldar-300x225 Al Dar Restaurant - The Unique Taste Of  Middle Eastern Cuisine

The Bar @ Aldar Restaurant

The bar at Al Dar Restaurant is so popular that many people stop by just to go there.  They are drawn by the fine drinks served at the bar, but more than anything they are drawn to Walid the bartender. Through the years, Walid has become somewhat of a legend throughout the Philadelphia area, and he has many fans at the Al Dar Restaurant and beyond.  Walid is more than just a great mixologist, although he certainly is that.  But it is his attitude and his approach to the job that makes Walid so great at what he does. In fact, Walid is such an institution at the Al Dar Restaurant that many patrons think he owns the place.  They are shocked when they find out that Walid is not the owner – just a happy part of the Al Dar family.

  aldar-addition-300x236 Al Dar Restaurant - The Unique Taste Of  Middle Eastern CuisineSo the next time you are feeling a bit puckish, just point your car toward Bala Cynwyd and give the Al Dar Restaurant a try.  Just be sure to stop by the bar, either on your way to the dining room or before you leave.  Sit at the polished bar, order a delicious drink and have a long chat with Walid, the bartender who has become a legend.    

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  • Middle-eastern cuisine is one of the best on this planet. You owe it to yourself to check it out at least one. And why not here?