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Shannon E. Johnson: Real Estate Investment Success

Shannon Johnson

From her early years, Shannon E. Johnson showed a spirit of success and determination.  After winning both academic and music awards and breaking track records at prestigious New England schools, she carried on her attitude of achievement into her professional life.  With a BS in business administration and marketing in hand, she forged ahead on her own to launch a bookkeeping and tax preparation company.  Her entrepreneurial spirit and dedicated work ethic boosted her client base and allowed her to open new branches quickly.

shannon-in-zimmer Shannon E. Johnson: Real Estate Investment Success

Shannon’s motivation to expand her existing success encouraged her to switch gears from handling other people’s money to investing her own in real estate.  With her keen negotiating skills and less than a $5000 investment, she soon owned 49% of a Pennsylvania Dunkin Donuts shop.  From that first purchase in 1995, her franchise acquisitions grew to include two more shops within the next four years.  Each one transformed from struggling to thriving; she even won the “Fastest Growth Award” from Dunkin Donuts, which was no small task considering she was competing against 80 stores in the district.

The early successes demonstrated Shannon’s incredible ability to negotiate, identify top co-investors, and build strategic alliances that benefited everyone involved.  Several top marketing and business building positions later, she was forced into medical retirement after a horrific automobile accident.  Shannon would not let this set-back slow her down, however.

The Opportunity for Real Estate Investing

While recovering, Shannon used her knowledge of investments, money handling, and business management to enter the “buy, fix, and hold” industry.   With a discerning eye and top-notch research skills, she started to discover properties with potential.  Now, six years after her first acquisitions, she focuses on multi-unit, residential buildings and more.  Today, she holds over $1 million in real estate assets.

The constant quest to learn more fueled Shannon’s push into new real estate purchases and possibilities.  Inspired and guided by the entrepreneurial spirit of success strategist and best-selling author Tony Robbins, she dedicated her time and energy to attending seminars, taking classes, and engaging with others in the know about all facets of real estate investing.

It all paid off and continues to give Shannon the ability to reach further heights and excel.  She launched House Beautiful Keepers LLC  website with guidance from A&E’s Flipping Boston, and has extended her online reach with Buy Beautiful Houses and Buy Pretty Houses to push into new markets.

Vice President of Teddy Pendergrass Investment Group LLC

teddy-pendergrass-ii Shannon E. Johnson: Real Estate Investment SuccessShannon | Hooked On Everything

Today, Shannon enjoys a professional partnership with long-time friend Teddy Pendergrass II, son of the late, legendary R&B singer Teddy Pendergrass.  They met over 25 years ago at Mass Mutual and reconnected their friendship at various training programs and seminars while developing a close professional relationship.  Shannon hired him as her insurance agent, and their association grew to include additional real estate investments of hers under his insurance underwriting.

Today, Shannon E. Johnson seeks out new opportunities for investment and portfolio growth.  In 2019, she focuses on finding and purchasing one to three new multi-family residential properties to buy, fix, and hold for ongoing profits.

teddy-pendergrass-investment-group-300x171 Shannon E. Johnson: Real Estate Investment Success

Despite her high degree of past and present success, Shannon continues to seek out learning and growth opportunities.  From the early days of a startup Boston bookkeeping services to her first dip into donut franchises, she has clearly demonstrated her entrepreneurial spirit and fierce determination to take part in every opportunity that presents itself.  Her life’s dream is to give back to worthy causes.  Whether she is holding fundraisers for Sponsor Seniors, or volunteering her own time and money to worthy causes like Hope For Kids or HOPE Worldwide.


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