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Advocacy, Action and Impact for Animals at New Jersey Aid For Animals (NJAFA)

There are thousands of cats and dogs who are homeless, neglected, and abused and desperately need to be loved and cared for. Thankfully, there are also pet “angels” who rescue helpless animals, feed them, heal their wounds, and find adoptive homes. Many of these pet “angels” can be found at the New Jersey Aid For Animals (NJAFA), located in Cedar Brook NJ.

Camden NJ

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On the top ten list of the most dangerous cities in the United States, Camden NJ has proven to be as dangerous for dogs and cats as it is for people. When people are arrested or leave town to avoid being prosecuted for crimes, pets are often abandoned and left to fend for themselves. Many have not been spayed or neutered, and reproduce rapidly. Finding puppies and kittens foraging food in the area near the Camden dump is not unusual. NJAFA volunteers regularly go to Camden looking for these abandoned and injured animals with the purpose of saving their lives and providing an opportunity for them to live out their days in a loving home environment.


nj-aid-dog-300x225 Advocacy, Action and Impact for Animals at New Jersey Aid For Animals (NJAFA)Because they are a “no kill” rescue, and receive no government funding, NJAFA depends on the donations of concerned individuals to support the program services these unfortunate animals need. The services NJAFA provides include spaying/neutering, food, and medical supplies and medical expenses for sick and injured animals. Their mission statement is clear and precise, “To enrich the life of every animal we touch, provide programs for domestic animals on wellness, humane education, spay and neuter with a focus on impoverished communities; report abuse and pursue justice for abused animals.”

Animal Justice
When NJAFA locates or finds mistreated animals, the volunteer group reports the abuse and seek to obtain justice through their abuse divisions.

Pet Enhancement Program (PEP)
NJAFA does all they can to give the animals in their care an improved quality of life. The cats and dogs taken in by NJAFA receive shots, flea treatments, grooming, doghouses, and other medical assistance as needed. NJAFA has also implemented a microchip program for pets.

What You Can Do
njaid-pic-1-dog-300x270 Advocacy, Action and Impact for Animals at New Jersey Aid For Animals (NJAFA)Volunteers are always needed for a variety of projects including spay/neuter clinics and special events. You can also provide temporary care and lots of love for one of the needy cats or dogs by being a foster home. Donations of food, blankets, carriers, doghouses, and gift cards are always appreciated by NJAFA and put right to use in the care of helpless cats and dogs. Please report inured animals and any animal you believe is in danger or being abused to your local Police Department, or if you live in New Jersey you may call NJAFA at (856) 498-3978. Your call may save the life of a helpless animal that cannot speak for itself.

The heartbreaking reality is that dogs and cats are left outside in the sweltering heat of summer and in the brutal cold of winter. These neglected, abused, hungry, and often abandoned animals are frequently injured or sick. The folks at NJAFA work tirelessly on a daily basis to educate people and save helpless animals. Help and support from the community is always needed and sincerely appreciated. Contact the NJAFA to offer your valuable support. To find out more on New Jersey Aid for Animals organization, visit the foundation’s website and follow on Facebook.


  • I think it was right about time for someone to take action for animals. Nobody seems to really care for them at all, and that is a bad thing for sure.