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John Morsa – Awesome Man with a Sonorous Voice

John Morsa

“Music, the memories of  your life” is known to be a tagline for the subject of this writing,  John Morsa, the man that has dedicated his entire life to music, singing and making rhythms out of life.  Two things defined John Morsa, good music and seeing people happy.  It can even be said that he ventured into music just so he can give people reasons to laugh and feel good about themselves.  John believes that with carefully crafted music lyrics and good tunes, the listener becomes transported into a different world, one where nothing else matters but the feeling of greatness being experienced right on that spot.

john-morsa-2-1 John Morsa - Awesome Man with a Sonorous Voice | Hooked On Everything

Based in New Jersey, USA, John Morsa has lived a life fully committed to music and helping his community create beautiful memories when they listen to awesome music coming from a sonorous voice.  John Morsa believes that Music is enough to make a day turn out well or otherwise and that music is in itself, life which then breathes into the listener’s experience.  According to John, a good music is one that you remember and instantly reminds you of something good, music is the memory of life itself.

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John performs across bars, events and festivals across New Jersey.  He is most renowned for performing at Stellatos located in Berlin, NJ.  Happiness is always clearly in his ears when he handles the microphone with Tommy Shades spinning the tunes.  He is mostly booked out to perform on all weekends but this took a dip recently due to the Covid-19 virus rampage that forced all social interactions to a close.  He used that moment to enjoy more family time while absorbing himself into more music writing and listening to old but classic jams.

With the social restrictions loosening up, John is gradually returning to the music performance scene as he has started taking on shows at the Stellatos again.  John has a wide range when it comes to music but he is notable for rocking Sinatra, Doo Wop and a couple of other artiste that had influenced his choice of music.  John recently performed at the reopening of the Glassboro VFW and he couldn’t curtail his excitement inspired by the introduction of new friends to the festival.  He enjoys performing alongside other band members as the synergy drives him to entertain people more.

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John is all about the feedback because he is committed to delivering good music at all times.  He lives a very quiet but fulfilling life with his family in NJ.  With John, life is in itself, a rhythm to be followed to create memories.