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Chris Randazzo: DJ, Radio Personality, and Sound Engineer

Chris Randazzo Cruisin' 92.1 WVLT

Chris Randazzo was born and raised in New Jersey. He is a radio personality and engineer who understands the power and popularity of East Coast music through the decades.  After graduating from Millville High School in New Jersey in 1983, he went on to a practical education in radio disc jockey work and audio engineering.  He is now married and has two grown daughters.

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NJ Oldies Station DJ and Radio Personality

 Chris Randazzo has been playing tunes and doing his DJ show at Cruisin’ 92.1 WVLT since 2004.[i]  Although the station has undergone many changes throughout its long existence, it made the transition from more current popular music to beloved oldies in 2002.  It is now considered “South Jersey’s #1 Oldies Powerhouse” and serves New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland.

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Chris showed up on the air every weekday between 6 AM and 10 AM at 92.1 on your FM dial for the past few months.  He has served as the engineer for the past few years for the Patti Lattanzi, Billy Carlucci & the Gang Show and trained Dave Virgilio to take over his position while he was out on medical leave.  Now, he even takes requests for the Tuesday Double Play show on his Facebook page.[ii]  Today, he also controls the microphone and the music at 2 PM every Saturday for the Cruisin’ All Request Weekend show.[iii]  People who love the oldies can call into the station to request their favorite tunes during this time.

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The Cruisin’ 92.1 WLVT crew also includes such well-known personalities as the legendary doo-wop music presenter Lou Costello, Jerry Blavat, the “Big Boss With the Hot Sauce,” et al.  The station also reports on sports, cars, personal finance, and offers Christian tunes and ministry on Sundays.

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When it comes to personality and a love of the type of oldies music that was created and made popular in New Jersey and all along the East Coast, Chris Randazzo knows what he is talking about.  Born and raised with all the songs of the century, he now helps keep the music alive for fans in the listening area.  His voice now encourages people to tune in, enjoy the classic favorites, and learn about new artists and songs that may have been lost to time otherwise.


Radio Engineer Career and Availability of Chris Randazzo

As a professional radio engineer, Chris Randazzo is also responsible for maintaining and repairing a variety of equipment at the station.[iv]  This specialty is synonymous with radio operator, broadcast technician or engineer, and may be described in other ways, too.  Understanding the operational details around hosting a radio show and going on the air to potentially millions of listeners helps Chris deliver the best DJ shows possible.

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Also, he offers radio and DJ audio equipment engineering services for private events.  With his years of experience handling a wide variety of audio gear, setting up for radio shows and events, and making sure everything works smoothly, he is a considerable asset to any show or gathering that requires a professional setup.  If you want to hire this experienced radio personality, you can contact Chris Randazzo through his Facebook page.

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