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Atlantic Stewardship Bank


Atlantic Stewardship Bank (ASB) was designed from the start to “tithe,” or share, 10% of its profits annually with Christian charities.  When customers visit a branch for the first time, they get a feeling that it’s a different kind of bank, especially when they thank the people who work there for a great experience and they humbly reply, “It’s what we do!”

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Founded in 1985, ASB is a full-service commercial bank with a specific purpose.  The Bank’s goal has always been to provide high-quality financial services to both businesses and individual consumers. In addition, the Bank was designed to tithe 10% of its taxable income with Christian charities and other local nonprofit community organizations, including missions, schools, healthcare facilities and more.  The Bank also offers strong support to local civic groups where they have established branches.

Arie Leegwater, former Chairman of the Board of Directors stated, “The concept of a bank giving away 10% of profits each year is unusual.  We at Atlantic Stewardship Bank have been truly blessed, and we consider it a privilege to help these worthy Christian organizations that reach out to help so many.”

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The Bank was the concept of Paul Heerema who worked diligently with a group of Christian businessmen in northern New Jersey to sell the concept to bank regulators, as well as the community.  Many customers ask why the term stewardship appears in the Bank’s name. Stewardship is the act of managing another’s property or finances in a conservative and trustworthy manner.  The founders’ foresight incorporated the Old Testament concept of tithing or giving back 10% to the Lord into the Bank’s corporate by-laws.  ASB takes this responsibility with the utmost sincerity and works diligently to provide a solid return to customers while safeguarding their funds.  As a result, the Bank has been able to give $8.8 million to nonprofit organizations since the Tithing Program’s inception.  Additional information about the ASB’s Tithing Program can be found at its website ASBnow.com.

The Bank is known for its outstanding customer service and being faithful to their customers.  They welcome the opportunity to speak to all customers in person. By calling 201-444-7100 or 877-844-BANK, customers are greeted by a human voice and directed to the proper department. One may also contact the Bank via email! Customers are provided with many ways in which to access their accounts: Online Banking, Mobile Banking, ATMs and the ASB app.  Most recently, the Bank added some of the newest technological features, including Apple Watch and Apple Pay.

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ASB also offers a great line of lending products.  The lending program is designed to assist both private and business customers in New Jersey.  ASB’s lenders are familiar with the economy, trends and collateral requirements, all important aspects of making appropriate lending decisions.  Information about consumer products such as car loans, mortgages and home equities is readily available, as is information about business products such as business checking, savings, CDs and commercial loans – all available on the Bank’s website or by speaking with a lending representative.

In September 1997, the Stewardship Financial Corporation and Holding Company was established.  Atlantic Stewardship Bank is the sole subsidiary of the Stewardship Financial Corporation. To obtain additional information about the holding company and its stock, go to the “Investor Relations” link on their website.  ASB maintains its headquarters at 630 Godwin Avenue, s in New Jersey. For more information about locations and hours, visit ASB’s website ASBnow.com and click on “Locations.”  Bank President and CEO Paul Van Ostenbridge adds, “We hope you have found Atlantic Stewardship Bank, its commitment to service and our unique Tithing Program to be of interest. We welcome the opportunity to be of service to you; for as the bank grows, so does our ability to help others.”

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  • I admire this bank and wish there were more financial institutions holding to the Christian principles of tithing. Thank you for setting such a great example.