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Angela DePersia – The Talented & Gorgeous Rising Star

The Life and Career of Singer Angela DePersia 

Singer Angela DePersia was born and raised in Camden County, New Jersey, the daughter of a Puerto Rican mother and an Italian-American father.  That unique background and upbringing helped Angela DePersia foster a taste for adventure and an appreciation of different cultures.  Her childhood also exposed Angela DePersia to many different forms of music, and she began her appreciation of singing and performing from an early age.  From her earliest days as a singer and performer, Angela DePersia has used her soulful voice and rich appreciation of world culture to pay homage to all of the influences she loved while growing up in the heart of New Jersey. 

angela-with-family-300x225 Angela DePersia - The Talented & Gorgeous Rising Star

Angela DePersia with her family

Those early influences included everything from Latin and jazz to R&B music.  Angela DePersia did not have to travel far to experience the best of all these musical stylings.  In fact, she did not even have to leave home.  If the name DePersia sounds familiar, it might be because her father is a famous composer and producer in his own right.  Best known as the lead vocalist for CINTRON, the Latin Soul ensemble, Rocco DePersia had a strong influence on his daughter.   

971526_147631008767465_117594655_n-225x300 Angela DePersia - The Talented & Gorgeous Rising Star

Angela DePersia singing with her Father Rocco DePersia

Angela’s vocal influences were not confined to the male side of the family.  Her mother was an accomplished dancer, spending several years performing with a Flamenco dance group.  Before she recorded on her own, Angela DePersia could sometimes be seen as a featured singer with CINTRON.  In fact, Angela’s unmistakable voice can be heard on the CINTRON “Old School Philly” release, which climbed to number one on the Music Choice International charts in 2008.



1654688_10151693943768078_1615707087_o-300x200 Angela DePersia - The Talented & Gorgeous Rising Star

Angela DePersia performing @ Warmdaddy’s

These days Angela DePersia is a performer in her own right, perhaps best known for “Where Do We Go From Here?”, her first solo recording.  This 10-song album featured 9 different cover versions of classic songs.  Those fabulous covers include stunning versions of “Me and Bobby McGee,” “Fever,” “Piece of My Heart,” and “You Got Me Hummin.”  In addition to those classic tunes, Angela DePersia can be heard lending her unique voice and modern musical stylings to modern classics like “Front Row” and “Don’t Wake Me.” 

523f05132cfdc_image-300x182 Angela DePersia - The Talented & Gorgeous Rising Star

Angela DePersia performing @ Shamong Wine Fest

While those cover songs are certainly impressive, many Angela DePersia fans were even more impressed by the title song, the aptly-named “Where Do We Go From Here?” The song has deep personal meaning for Angela – it was written by her late paternal grandfather in 1952 as a tribute to her grandmother, and the CD is dedicated to his memory. 

35261_382444188077_928247_n-237x300 Angela DePersia - The Talented & Gorgeous Rising Star

Angela singing National Anthem

In addition to those fine recordings, Angela DePersia is also known for a number of memorable live performances.  One of her earliest, and still favorite, turns on the stage occurred at the legendary Apollo Theatre in Harlem.  That classic performance took place in September 2008, and Angela DePersia counts it as one of her earliest musical credits.  She sings amazing National Anthem song with the great sense of patriotism. Angela DePersia had a great taste in music and knows exactly how to work on it.


angela-battlr-300x300 Angela DePersia - The Talented & Gorgeous Rising Star

Her first recording was a big success, but Angela DePersia was no one-hit wonder.  Inspired by the success of her first album, Angela went on to release her second one, “La Dee Da,” in 2010.

Angela’s third CD, “Battle”, was released a few years later, in 2012.  Unlike her earlier CDs, which featured song covers, Battle includes all-original songs and a more sophisticated approach to her craft.  Unlike many artists who reach success early and stop growing, Angela DePersia continues to evolve and blossom with every new release.  

angeladepersiathecompany Angela DePersia - The Talented & Gorgeous Rising StarAngela recently released her fourth CD, “Live From Philly”, featuring a two-disc package.  One of the discs is an 11-song set that Angela recorded live at Warmdaddy’s, a renowned Blues and R&B music venue in Philly.  The second disc, a 4-song studio EP, features Angela covering “You Don’t Own Me” (recorded at the request of the song’s writer, John Madera), and a duet recording with The Soul Survivors of “Deep In My Heart”, a song they specially wrote for Angela.

Angela DePersia’s success and musical depth is even more impressive, considering that she is just 23 years old. Only time will tell what wonders lie ahead for this up-and-coming superstar.

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