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Hope For Kids – Building Life Skills in Natural, Organic Beauty

Camp Hope for Kids

Kids are our future. Our ultimate goal of helping our children build self-confidence while teaching them modesty and benevolence is always a balance of encouraging their self esteem while inspiring their support for humanity.  Yet another mission for our children is teaching them about the critical importance of respecting and preserving our natural surroundings.  Hope for Kids is a brilliantly collaborative organization providing a practical and enjoyable camping experience for youth which teaches them powerfully valuable and crucial lessons of life while connecting them with the natural elements of our environment.

Nature and the Environment

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Programs at Camp Hope offer direction by trained staff members and compassionate volunteers who provide campers with environmental education while fostering  the development of a “spirit of environmental stewardship” within their hearts.  The most beautiful place for children to witness the power and love of God is while standing in the middle of his magnificent creation.  Camp Hope provides the ideal setting for youth to witness God’s Word in action.

R Camp and Teen Camp

410-300x200 Hope For Kids - Building Life Skills in Natural, Organic BeautyWeek-long overnight summer camps are exciting, educational, and character building.  Camp Hope offers adventurous camping experiences for youth from ages 8 to 18.  The programs are provided through the International Churches of Christ and encompass two age-appropriate options; R-Camp is for younger children from third grade through eighth grades, while the Teen Camp is designed for reaching more mature students in the seventh through twelfth grades.

510-300x200 Hope For Kids - Building Life Skills in Natural, Organic BeautyUsing nature’s miracles and object lessons, youth are inspired to learn and adopt spiritual values and emotional strength, and to build a solid and strong character.  Through the integration of Camp Miracles in the organization’s summer camp activities, children are taught spiritual lessons, and begin to understand and appreciate the meaning of unity and diversity as a part of life.  Sports, swimming, rock climbing, arts and crafts, other traditional fun camp activities, and devotionals are all part of the daily camp experience.

Performing Arts Camp

68-300x200 Hope For Kids - Building Life Skills in Natural, Organic BeautyTalented children in grades seven through twelve are provided with an opportunity to develop and hone their God-given talents in ways that promote artistic and spiritual growth as a partnership.  Opportunities are provided of  campers to develop mentoring relationships, build personal confidence, develop leadership skills and make new friends with talented and professional instructors.  The teachers come from the Metropolitan Opera, Broadway, Alvin Ailey, and other professional entertainment enterprises.

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Acting, dance, voice, and film are the focus of most classes. They are supported with instruction, live performances, and a corroborative film production.  Additionally, all the children at the Performing Arts Camp enjoy sports, swimming, recreation, and other waterfront activities during their week-long experience.

Hope For Kids Leadership Academy

94-300x200 Hope For Kids - Building Life Skills in Natural, Organic BeautyEach year Hope for Kids hosts a leadership-training program.  Participants must be 16 years old and in good standing within their church.  Students participate in a week of campus evangelism, attend Ministry Training Academy, then undergo two weeks of leadership training, mentor at-risk youth and spend two weeks as a camp counselor or part of the crew.  During this time, the participants will be serving as role models and mentors to the younger campers.

The Hope for Kids organization is deeply focused on improving the lives of all children. Kids need and deserve spiritual and personal guidance in their everyday lives.  Hope for Kids is also a fantastic opportunity for training youth in self-confidence and leadership roles — within a spectacularly pure organic setting that incorporates the natural beauty of God’s magnificent creation.

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  • I had the honor of working closely with Pat Gempel in 2010 for HOPE for Kids as a college project at Eastern University. It is amazing to know how quickly this organization has grown in such a short time. To God be the glory.