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Philly Cuzz Battaglia – On the Way to Cape May

Philly Cuzz

Singer, Performer, Producer & Songwriter Philly Cuzz IS the Sound of Philadelphia

1901227_10206088468627065_5636913252860490131_n-300x231 Philly Cuzz Battaglia - On the Way to Cape MayIn so many ways, the life and career of Philly Cuzz Battaglia is intertwined with the city  of Philadelphia. This great city has launched hundreds of talented artists and dozens of  successful bands, and Philly Cuzz is proud to be part of that great club.

In-the-beginning-300x241 Philly Cuzz Battaglia - On the Way to Cape May

Throughout his long career, Philly Cuzz has been a singer, pianist, entertainer, producer and songwriter.  Regardless of the roles he plays, Cuzz always brings the same incredible talent and showmanship to each of his performances. Always taking the stage by storm, fans of Philly Cuzz and doo wop music are guaranteed a rousing performance from this beloved Philly singer and entertainer.

10428323_10204192297346655_6767812957642349486_o-300x270 Philly Cuzz Battaglia - On the Way to Cape MayThe songs of Philly Cuzz are played each week on Sirius XM’s Cool Bobby B Show, “The Doo Wop Stop” since XM radio began.  “Local stations in Pennsylvania and at the Jersey Shore started playing my version of ‘On The Way To Cape May’ back in 2000.  The following summer, The Philadelphia Sunday Inquirer gave this first seashore album of mine a front page story,” says Philly Cuzz.

Philly-Cuzz-and-the-Shoobies-300x227 Philly Cuzz Battaglia - On the Way to Cape May

The first self produced Cape May album, ‘Philly Cuzz and The Shoobies’ probably grabbed The Inquirer’s attention because it proved to be such a hot seller in gift shops and stores in the Cape May County area.  Cuzz explains, “I noticed that DJs would also play my doo wop selection, ‘Down By The Ocean.’  This led me to include more doo wop on my second album, ‘American Seashore Days’.  And that is when everything changed.”

10932521_998890623488768_247182216_n-300x300 Philly Cuzz Battaglia - On the Way to Cape MayFans started calling the local oldie stations at the shore asking for Cuzz’s new retro original ‘One Summer Night.’  (This is not The Danleers’ oldie, but a completely new song with the same title.) Then Cool Bobby B started playing the tune and suddenly it became an XM hit, landing Philly Cuzz in the Las Vegas Doo Wop Convention in 2006 and again in ’07.  Today it’s not unusual to hear DJs playing three to four Philly Cuzz songs in their show.

Bobby-Rydell-300x200 Philly Cuzz Battaglia - On the Way to Cape May

Cuzz remarked, “One DJ in Worcester, Massachusetts – Paul Lauzon – plays at least two to three of my songs every week,” says the Cuzz. “In the Delaware Valley area, King Arthur, WVLT FM, WIBBAGE FM, Mike Voss of Philly Gold Radio, Big D, Electron Ed, Patti Lattanzi and Sounds of Philly Radio always play my music.”  And Philly Cuzz’s renditions of Buddy Nugent’s song ‘On The Way to Cape May’ have landed him on Philadelphia Magazine’s list of the All Time Best Songs About New Jersey.

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