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Paul Kotrotsios – The Greek-American Magnate of ‘Hellenic News’

Paul Kotrotsios
Hermes-2016-Banner-02-2-452x1024 Paul Kotrotsios - The Greek-American Magnate of 'Hellenic News'

April 5, 2016 International Expo

In 1987, a Greek-American man named Paul Kotrotsios founded the Hellenic News of America.  His goal was simple and lofty: to establish a popular, informative, and entertaining news magazine catering to the Greek-American community.  The magazine would be bilingual and international in scope, dissecting issues that affected both Americans of Greek descent and immigrants to the United States eager for updates on their home country.

311-300x203 Paul Kotrotsios - The Greek-American Magnate of 'Hellenic News'By 2015, under Kotrotsios’s expert leadership, the magazine had successfully flourished into a cultural hub for the Greek-American community.  Operating out of Philadelphia, Hellenic News of America reaches millions of readers in both print and online formats.  The magazine also reaches thousands of businesses in and around Philadelphia and via social media, providing valuable insight into the shifting politics, tastes, and lifestyles of the Greek community.

Stamos-Aphrodite-Stavroula-KotrotsiosP1011437-2-Copy-150x150 Paul Kotrotsios - The Greek-American Magnate of 'Hellenic News'

Aphrodite&Stavroula Kotrotsios with John Stamos

Not content to limit his contributions solely to news and analysis, Kotrotsios also founded Hermes Expo International, which runs several popular trade shows, networking events, seminars and celebrations in Philadelphia and New York.  The Expo has played host to numerous business luminaries from the United States and Europe over the years, providing them with a unique opportunity to showcase their products, mingle, or simply celebrate the traditions and heritage of Greek culture. The Expo will celebrate its 24th year in 2015.

412-300x225 Paul Kotrotsios - The Greek-American Magnate of 'Hellenic News'Though it began as a strict platform for the Greek community, Hermes Expo International has blossomed into a diverse exposition catering to a variety of ethnic groups and business partners.  As their motto goes, “it’s not about who you know, it’s about how well they know you”.  A quarter century later, Hermes Expo remains committed to this goal of creating real interaction between business owners and potential customers or investors.

611-300x226 Paul Kotrotsios - The Greek-American Magnate of 'Hellenic News'Paul Kotrotsios, likewise, has not wavered in his desire to continue supporting his Greek-American peers.  He still regularly attends and organizes each year’s Hermes Expo and conducts several interviews for Hellenic News of America.  His activist spirit seems to run in the family.  Paul’s two daughters, Aphrodite and Stavroula Kotrotsios, founded the Hermes Young Professionals Initiative, one of Hermes Expo International’s more popular programs, which seeks to attract young Greek-Americans to better support and refine their entrepreneurial spirit.  Paul’s worked closely with the two young women over the years, creating a wonderful family partnership.

512-300x182 Paul Kotrotsios - The Greek-American Magnate of 'Hellenic News'Paul Kotrotsios continues to work with Hellenic News and Hermes Expo.  He is actively involved in the publishing business, reaching longtime readers and new fans of his magazine alike.  He’s interviewed such luminaries as Greek American Heritage Society founder Mary Creticos and Anthony Kouzounis, the founder of the American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association, always offering keen insight into the issues and triumphs surrounding the Greek-American experience.

115 Paul Kotrotsios - The Greek-American Magnate of 'Hellenic News'With such influence and success, a little ego would be expected, but by all accounts Paul Kotrotsios has remained humble and diligent, never letting hubris get in the way of the next big project.  He’s had an indelible impact on the Greek people, and it looks like his work will endure for many years to come.

To connect with Paul on social media visit his Facebook or GooglePlus page. You may also visit the Hellenic News of America website.

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