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Louie Ferdinand Vega

Louie Ferdinand Vega, popularly known as “Little Louie”, Grammy award winner and six times nominee is indeed a force to be reckoned with in the American DJ and House music scene.  Little Louie holds a permanent place in dance music history where he sits as one of the icons of remixes.

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With a career spanning over three decades Djing, Producing, and remixing, Little Louie has managed to remain relevant through time.  The one-half of Masters at Work (a production team involving Little Louie and Kenny “Dope” Gonzalez) has toured some of the greatest party scenes in the world from Budapest to Ibiza, Johannesburg to Monte Carlo.

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Born on the 12th day of June in 1965, little Louie was born in the Bronx in New York into a house of music, his father was a renowned saxophonist and the Salsa Legend Hector Lavoe was an uncle.  His musical influences are his Puerto Rican descent folk music, his saxophonist father Luis Vega, Sr. and the likes of House music producer Todd Terry.

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Louie Ferdinand Vega is known for his apt house music style and his revered discography of mix albums and studio projects.  Notable of which is his number one Billboard club hit “Ride on the Rhythm” which features Marc Anthony, and his father on the saxophone released in 1991.  His remix of Curtis Mayfield‘s “Superfly,” for which he won a Grammy award in the category of Best Remixed Recording, Non-Classical in 2003 is also a notable mention.

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Louie Ferdinand Vega furrow into Djing started quite early as a teen in high school.  He worked the underground New York City club circuit for a while, gathering a steady following while improving his craft before venturing out to the big stage with his debut in 1989.  He came into the limelight when he produced “Don’t Tell Me” for TVT and “Keep Pumpin It Up” for SBK One in 1989.

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Little Louie has made his mark.  Some of his early achievements includes remix commissions for Information Society’s “Running,” Debbie Gibson’s “Only in My Dreams,” and Noel’s “Silent Morning.”  He was also commissioned to produce the soundtrack for the movie “East Side Story” that got him linked to Marc Anthony and get signed to Atlantic Records.  He has worked on remixes of some of music greats like Madonna, Michael Jackson and the likes.

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Today, Little Louie still makes music that’s still in touch with his NYC roots.  “NYC Disco” released in 2018 epitomizes this fact and pays tribute to the enigma Louie Ferdinand Vega has become, the music that made him and that which he has come to be known.

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The history of House music, the American DJ scene and the craft of remixing cannot be told without mentioning Little Louie.  We pay tribute to this fact as we continue to look forward to great acts from the American icon of House remixes.